Winter 2021 – Latest Work

2021 has been a busy year and there was no slowing down at the end! From personal branding, products and architecture to food and fitness, we photographed it all. Take a look at everything we captured over the last few months of 2021.


We ended October with some delicious treats, including this chocolate mousse featuring CNP chocolate whey protein isolate. We utilised our studio space and equipment to create two completely different setups for the same product. The smoke was created using smoke pellets and everything you see here was captured through the camera with no additional retouching required. This shoot was in collaboration with food stylist, Danny Barnett whom we have worked with on previous food photoshoots.


Muscle Mend  

For Muscle Mend, we used a clear piece of perspex and creates patterns with water to create the effect of the product floating in liquid, emulating the oil inside the packaging. In the studio, we are able to create many different lighting setups including this dark moody lighting for Muscle Mend.

Granada Glazing  

Granada Glazing is the largest manufacturer of secondary glazing in the UK, based in Sheffield, who required e-commerce white background photography. We were able to assist them with their needs for a wide range of product photos in our large studio space and used lighting equipment to create professional e-commerce imagery.  

Dawson Radford Solicitors

Dawson Radford Solicitors are a friendly and flexible team of business and commercial solicitors based in Chesterfield. We created personable and professional-looking images on location at their office to show off their team members and office space.  


Location? No! This image for Suppology was actually created in our studio using a single light lighting set-up with a reflector and fake grass to give the illusion of a location shoot. This image is perfect for grabbing a viewers attention on their website and social media.

Tim Barraclough Personal Trainer

For Tim Barraclough, we went on location to A Star Muscle & Fitness Wakefield. For fitness shoots, we use multiple flash guns off-camera with coloured lighting and camera settings to achieve a more dramatic, contrasting light to really emphasise a clints best side.


We had the pleasure of working with Rotherham based company, Nutrifast once again to create more food content for their website. These were done in our very own studio with help of food stylist, Danny Barnett. Nutrifast is a meal prep company used by our lead photographer, Collette. We can confirm, it is as delicious as it looks! 

Nutri fast meal prep

Fit Cusine & Applied Nutrition

Even more treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, here we have Fit Cuisine and Applied Nutrition. Our goal was to make their low-cal syrups and protein powder look irresistible. As you can see, we used our extensive prop cupboard to make each photo unique and to suit each product while still keeping the product the hero.


As well as being creative, we’re also considerate of your brand identity. So, when it came to photographing Bulk, we kept it minimal yet effective. The product is the main focus but we also wanted to show how it can be used and represent this in the best way possible.  


For this Alpro shot, we achieved the perfect pour in one take to achieve this swirl of product. We have many props to match the product and scenario in the shoot from glass beakers to chopping boards.   


In our studio, we are able to create both subtle and more vibrant photos depending on your preference. For Barebells we decided to work with the colour of the packaging and contrast it with the background and product.   

Here are some more shots of Barebells on location in Leeds city centre showing how a product can be captured on the go. 


For Gluteywear, the whole team travelled down to Hitchen to Body Ethics Gym to work with owner IFBB Pro, Carly Thornton for Gluteywear’s latest range! We photographed fitness influencers as well as our very own, Jen. It was important that we showed off the quality of the fabrics and instead of flashguns, we used our Elinchrom ELB studio lights on location to achieve a flawless finish.  

Chris Mason Performance

Chris Mason is an online transformation coach based in Sheffield and has recently joined our subscription service after working with him for years to capture his client results. This location shoot in his gym showcases Chris working with two of his most recent clients along with their own individual portraits.   

Tea Pigs

To get into the festive spirit, we created a cosy scene for Tea Pigs product photography. We always like to personalise each shot while being sympathetic to the brands existing imagery. Props like fruit and spices to match the tea ingredients were bought specially for this shoot teamed with coloured and shadowy lighting to create this cosy atmosphere.   

Euphoria Boutique

Euphoria Boutique is one of our longest subscription clients and they come to our Yorkshire studio for e-commerce photography of their women’s fashion. Here we captured some of their latest stock.

Shanni – Transformation Shoot

For Shanni’s transformation shoot, we went on location to House of Gain gym in Barnsley. Shanni has been on a transformation journey with the help of her personal trainer and she used this photo shoot as an opportunity to celebrate her achievements.   

Shelena – Transformation Shoot

For Shelena’s transformation shoot, we went to the location of JD Gym in Sheffield. This transformation shoot shows how far Shelena has come along in her journey and celebrates these achievements.  Utilising lighting to create contrast and shadows along with coloured lighting. 

If you have an upcoming project or want to show off your fitness transformation, you’d like our help with, get in touch. 

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