Why you should use a female fitness photographer for your next photoshoot

Whether you’re a brand, a personal trainer, an athlete, or you just want some progress pics to show off your fitness journey, it’s crucial to choose the right photographer, and today’s blog is all about the advantages of hiring a female fitness photographer for your next photoshoot.

Picture Perfect Photography’s Collette Evans offers the unique combination of a female fitness photographer who brings all the technical expertise of shooting and editing photos, as well as being an athlete herself.

Collette is a World and British Natural Women’s Bodybuilding titleholder, with multiple first-place trophies for bodybuilding, as well as achieving 3rd place in a UK International competition.

Having merged her passion for fitness with her long standing professional photography work, Collette has established a rock-solid reputation in the fitness industry as someone who understands the commitment needed to achieve success, as well as the unique joys and challenges of being a woman in the industry. You can read more about Collette here.

Collette has a huge portfolio which shows her expertise in capturing the fitness journeys of both men and women, but for women in particular there are advantages to hiring a female fitness photographer – so what are they?

Understanding female aesthetics

As a female fitness photographer Collette understands the female physique, and all the nuances that make women’s bodies so strong and beautiful.

Not only this but she brings a unique knowledge of how lighting and different angles can be used to accentuate the power and dignity of a female frame.

Alongside this, her personal experience as a bodybuilder means that she has first-hand insight into the dedication and effort that you’ve put into your fitness journey and will create images which communicate this in a way that resonates with your audience.

Empathy with your journey

Having been there herself, Collette knows that the fitness journey is not only a physical one, but a process which often entails mental and emotional battles. 

Having walked this path, Collette is able to empathise with you in your triumphs as well as the struggles and insecurities you may face.

And as a female fitness photographer Collette also knows that it can be intimidating being in front of the camera and showing off your body, so she’ll do all she can to put you at ease.

She’s a natural at creating a comfortable environment during her photoshoots. 

She always takes the time to have a pre-shoot consultation call with every client to make sure they feel supported and know they’ve communicated their aims for the shoot so that they can be totally at ease. 

All these things come together to create images which capture her clients’ journeys, exhibiting their personality and story to show their audience how much stronger they’ve become both physically and emotionally.

Posing expertise for the female form

Any athlete will be able to tell you that posing plays a crucial role in fitness photography, but a female fitness photographer will be uniquely able to guide female clients to highlight the features of their bodies which show off their strength whilst still maintaining natural authenticity.

Having been there herself, Collette has first-hand knowledge of effective poses to accentuate the strengths of the female body, and is able to pair these with advanced lighting, dynamic photography and cutting-edge post production editing.

If you’re looking for behind-the-scenes tips and tricks to posing and lighting, why not take a look at Collette’s free photography resources

You could start with downloading ‘How To Take Fitness Photos That Impress’ and see for yourself how she can transform your gym selfies into photos which share your story and show you at your best.

Bringing a female perspective

It may sound obvious, but in an industry often still dominated by men, using a female fitness photographerbrings a refreshing viewpoint to images of both male and female models.

But for women in particular this is especially valuable, and Collette Evans is a female fitness photographer who is able to understand the unique challenges and joys of being a woman in the fitness world.

She draws on her own experience to produce images which celebrate your strength and resilience, empowering both you and your audience as they see photos which capture so much more than the physical results, and inspire others to reach their goals too.

Collette Evans: the female fitness photographer who has been in your shoes

At Picture Perfect Photography we’re enormously proud to have an onwner- photographer like Collette who brings such a unique perspective to her photography.

As a female fitness photographer she excels in all the areas we’ve highlighted above, bringing a women’s perspective to shooting all her clients in ways that accentuate their physical strength as well as capturing their story.

It’s truly unique to find a photographer who brings such technical expertise alongside true empathy, and it really is worth investing in a photographer who understands your journey. When you see the images created, you won’t regret it!

As well as all this, through her athletic achievements and experience of the fitness industry Collette also knows how to transform images into content which will gain you the most traction on your social media.

She’s built a successful online platform herself so knows how to turn your fitness achievements into an online presence which resonates with your audience and brings the results that you dream of.

If you’re trying to find a photographer who can also provide insight into the fitness industry and advise you on how to build your online platform into a business which pays the bills, look no further than Collette Evans – she brings it all.

Collette works with clients who are ready to take their fitness journey to the next level, starting with getting some professional shots of them at their best. 

She’d love to hear from you, so if you want to capture your strengths by working with a female fitness photographer who knows the industry inside out, get in contact today.

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