Why we love fitness photoshoots in gyms and fitness studios

At Picture Perfect Photography, we love working with clients on fitness photoshoots in gyms and in this blog we’re here to tell you why.

We’ve all noticed the huge trend for fitness content online; whether you’re a brand, a coach, an influencer, or an athlete looking to share your progress, the primary way to do this in 2024 is through visual content – and high-quality photos are a must.

One of the highlights of our job is getting to showcase individuals, coaches, and brands in their own unique journey, and it’s an industry we know inside out.

So, what are the unique strengths of doing fitness photoshoots in gyms?

You’re on home turf

It might seem obvious, but fitness photoshoots in gyms make sense because they’re a huge part of where your fitness journey takes place, so a natural choice of backdrop.

Many athletes and coaches see their gym as a home from home, making it the perfect location for a photoshoot as it’ll not only put you at ease to be somewhere you feel comfortable but also provide a realistic and relatable backdrop for your audience.

Lots of settings in one location

The range of facilities at a gym means that fitness photoshoots in gyms are bound to provide a great selection of photos for you, all from the same physical place.

In one gym we can take photos with countless backdrops – from weightlifting areas to the cardio zone, using mirrors and even locker room shots to add diversity to the range of photos we produce for you.

A challenge that fitness coaches and athletes often face is to avoid a social media feed that looks ‘samey’, so it’s crucial to have plenty of shots in your portfolio which capture plenty of aspects of your fitness – conducting fitness photoshoots in gyms means we can guarantee a wide variation for you.

Plenty of props

It goes without saying that your gym will have a good stock of fitness equipment, which is perfect for capturing photos of you in your element and playing to your strengths.

Rather than having to source and transport props like weights, benches, and exercise balls, when we do fitness photoshoots in gyms everything is already there and ready to go.

Using these props will enhance the composition of your photos and means that we get to showcase you in your natural environment, doing what you love.

No need to worry about the weather

In the UK, we all know that most plans we make are somewhat weather-dependent and might need to be adapted if the heavens open.

Not so with fitness photoshoots in gyms, as you’re sheltered from the elements in a way that you wouldn’t be if we were shooting on location.

As well as protecting you from downpours, gyms also have controlled lighting, meaning that whether it’s a gloomy day or glorious sunshine out there, we can make sure you’re visible and we’re showing your best side to the camera.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that the lighting at every gym will be perfect for photos, and that’s why we provide our own professional lighting equipment, as well as bringing our expertise to each photoshoot to make sure we perfectly light each shot.

If you’re interested in knowing more of what goes on behind the scenes, take a look at our YouTube video which explains how we use lighting for fitness photoshoots.

Still not convinced about fitness photoshoots in gyms?

That’s ok – fitness photoshoots in gyms aren’t for everyone, and that’s why we have our own studio too, for clients who are looking for a bit more flexibility with the space or privacy during the shoot.

It’s fully kitted out with plenty of props and backdrops, so we can create the perfect shots for you to showcase your fitness journey.

Why Picture Perfect Photography are the best choice for your fitness photos

We are totally unique in the industry in that the woman behind the camera has been in your shoes.

Collette Evans, our founder, is a World and British Women’s Bodybuilding titleholder and knows first-hand the joys and struggles of being an athlete, as well as the need for high-quality photos as you build your brand.

Her experience underpins everything for us and explains why we take so much care to curate the perfect lighting and angles to highlight muscle definition as well as knowing how to incorporate props, equipment, and backdrops creatively.

Having been shortlisted for the British Photography Awards for many years consecutively, we also know how to edit your photos to maintain authenticity while enhancing the look and feel of your photos to match your brand.

We’re committed to collaborating with each client to ensure that we deliver high-quality images that they’re thrilled with, which reflect their fitness journey and exhibit their strengths to their audience.

Whether it’s fitness photoshoots in gyms, in our own studio, or outdoors, we love partnering with our clients to elevate their content through the visuals we create.

And don’t just take our word for it – we’ve got countless reviews of happy customers who have loved their photoshoot experience as well as the photography portfolio produced from it. 

Check out this one from Marius who’s already seeing the value of the photos we took for him.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you to chat more about your content. 

As well as photography and videography we offer full content coaching with plans for your social media strategy, which we can fully integrate with the photos we take for you.

So whether you want to chat about fitness photoshoots in gyms or want a full consultation about your marketing strategy, we’re here to help you take your brand to the next level – get in contact through our website and take your online presence up a step.

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