Why a content strategy for fitness coaches is vital

Are you a fitness coach looking to build your business? If so, you’ll probably know the importance of a consistent online presence, and at Picture Perfect Photography we’re here to tell you that a content strategy for fitness coaches is vital – but that you don’t have to go it alone in working out what that means for your business.

It can be really difficult to navigate the world of social media, and it quickly starts to feel like a burden.

You know that you need to share your expertise to grow your following and gain more clients, but it’s so difficult to find the time to create content at all, let alone content that’s fresh and relevant, as well as high quality enough to stand out from competitors in your field.

You may have struggled with work-life balance too – when so much of your business admin comes through to your phone it’s hard to switch off, and the constant “what will I post tomorrow?” question is always at the back of your mind even when you’re not working.

Help is at hand. 

Time and again we’ve seen the value of creating a content strategy for fitness coaches; once you’ve worked out what your strategy is, it takes the constant decision making out of content creation as it’s all ready to go, and we’d love to help you reach your goals with a tailored content strategy for your business.

First off, what does a content strategy for fitness coaches look like?

The beauty of working with a content strategist is that we can work together to tailor a strategy which is unique to your business and ideal clients. 

But as a very general definition, a content strategy for fitness coaches is a complete approach to your content; the planning and creation, of your content from start to finish.

Perhaps you dream of having a monthly content plan which maps out what to post each day to reach your dream customers. 

Imagine if you had that, and on top of it all your photos and video reels were ready to post, with tricks of the trade built in to drive engagement and stay up to date with trends on various social media platforms.

This is what a content strategy for fitness coaches could encompass. 

By crafting and implementing a strategy, you can finally switch off from constantly searching for ideas to post, and instead have some boundaries between work and the rest of your life.

Not only that but with your content strategy and creation taken care of you’ll be building an engaged community around your fitness brand, ensuring loyalty to your business and a steady stream of future clients too.

Why are Picture Perfect Photography best at building content strategy for fitness coaches?

Even once you’ve decided you need a content strategy, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. 

There are plenty of people and agencies out there who could help you to navigate it all, so why are we the best choice for you?

Personal experience in the industry

When you partner with Picture Perfect Photography you’re not signing up to an agency, you’re sitting down with a real person who’s been in your position before.

Our founder, Collette Evans, has first-hand personal experience in body transformation and has worked with fitness coaches for a number of years.

She has successfully built her own online platform in the world of competitive bodybuilding and now wants to help others to build their personal brands too.

As an award-winning athlete and online content coach and creator, she brings a real depth of understanding to your fitness coaching content journey, knowing the industry inside out, with all the highs as well as the lows.

She already knows your ideal client, understands what you’re aiming for with your content, and most importantly, she knows how to help you get there!

You can read more about Collette and her journey here.

Professional photography tailored to your content strategy

Collette Evans has been shooting fitness photography since 2002, and having her own studio means you can easily create a huge bank of images and videos so that they’re ready to go to showcase your business and slot into your content strategy.

We offer a regular shooting package to keep your content fresh and updated, and Collette is a true expert in fitness posing, lighting, and angles to make sure your images truly reflect the value you bring.

We also offer a Content Boost Coaching Program which offers the chance to craft your photoshoot to slot into your tailored content plan. 

But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at some of Collette’s photos to see the huge range of photographic styles we can create to suit the content of your business, whether we’re shooting in our studio, in a gym or on location.

An all-round package

With unparalleled expertise in the fitness industry content coaching, photography, and content creation it’s hard to imagine a better choice in crafting a content strategy for fitness coaches than Picture Perfect. 

It takes the stress out of content creation to just have one person you can contact for it all – from understanding your brand messaging, taking your photos, videos to helping you plan out your content and so you can publish it online without any anxiety. 

And many of our clients have taken Collette up on the offer of content mentoring sessions too, helping to refine your business focus by seeing opportunities where you may not have done, in order to maximise your business impact.

It truly is an all-round package on offer here, and with the ability to tailor it to the needs of your business, together we can work out exactly what’s best for you and start to take the stress out of content creation straight away.

Start your content strategy journey today

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by what’s on offer and unable to see a way forward in the world of content creation.

Thankfully you don’t need to spend another day wondering what’s best to post or how to optimise your business social media. 

We’d love to help you to work this out and take that weight off your mind.

If you want to draw on our expertise in building content strategy for fitness coaches then there’s no-one better to talk to than Picture Perfect – we’d love to hear from you, so get in contact with us today.

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