Wellbeing in the Picture Perfect Photography Studio 

At Picture Perfect Photography, we take the physical and mental well-being of our team very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure our team is in optimal condition to not only perform our jobs to the best of our abilities but also to take our athletic efforts the furthest they can go.  

Our company founder Collette is a British Natural Bodybuilding title winner who is looking forward to a busy year of competition in 2023, and our brand manager Jen is preparing to compete in powerlifting, so health and fitness are incredibly important to them both.  

As you may have read in Collette’s behind-the-scenes blog from a few weeks ago, with the accompanying great video, she puts some amazing effort into managing and maintaining strict nutrition and supplementation regimes that complement her intense dedication to sculpting her body to be competition-ready.  

Jen is a very popular model and social media personality, and her powerlifting journey has been well-documented on her Instagram platform.  

Both Collette and Jen are super dedicated to their own personal fitness journeys and their ultimate objectives, and their ambitious goals are supported by their Personal Trainer Joe. Joe is a phenomenal PT based out of the Fight Unit gym in Mapplewell, Barnsley. He puts both Collette and Jen through their paces, stretching them to their limits and pushing them to find new levels required for both powerlifting & bodybuilding.  

A PT like Joe can be the difference between first and last. Between hitting that PB now or in a week or building muscle in the right areas. He is absolutely vital to the physical wellbeing of our pair of powerhouses, and he strives to achieve only the best for them.  

When it comes to the mind, body, and soul, the Picture Perfect Photography team has the simply wonderful Nik Dodson on hand from Action4Health. Nik is a holistic well-being and life coach who helps busy and stressed people optimise their lives. When our days are full of professional photography sessions that are punctuated and book-ended by business admin, workouts, strict diet plans, social media activity, and meetings, having a life and wellness coach available to the team as readily as Nik can be an absolute God-send.  

With his own business, Nik has achieved a great success rate at helping professionals and individuals to decrease their stress and increase their health and performance through nutrition, supplements, mindset and physical therapy treatments. Alongside Joe, Nik coached Collette on the way to winning her British Natural Bodybuilding title and helps her to unwind after her strenuous workouts.  

On the top floor of Picture Perfect Photography HQ, we have our ideal environment for physical and mental well-being. Recovery is a huge part of the bodybuilding journey, especially when Collette is in preparation for competition, but it is still extremely important after regular gym sessions (although a “regular” session for Collette is still a massively demanding experience for her body!) 

The attic is the space where we keep everything well-being related; from the professional massage bed and muscle recovery tools to the nutritional supplements. It’s a wonderfully relaxing space, clean and minimalist, with elegant lighting that puts us in the perfect mindset for winding down, even if it’s for just a short time before the hustle starts again.  

Our professional photography studio is in the picturesque village of Haigh, which is just outside Barnsley and on the perfect transport route between Sheffield, Wakefield and Leeds. The building is on a very green working farm in an almost rural setting, which gives us a serene environment for working that can help mental well-being. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of large city life, but equally, the ability to jump in the car and be in the likes of Leeds within 15 minutes helps us to get the best of both worlds.  

The picturesque location gives us scope for amazing on-site indoor and outdoor photography, with our 50m² clean and bright photography studio contrasted with the natural and rustic locations in our woodland that we can reach in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s a shoot for fitness and lifestyle photography or commercial and product photography, the Picture Perfect Photography studio is a really versatile space, matched only by the ultra-versatile team that works from it! 

Meet Collette

Collette told us why she personally feels that well-being in the workplace is of the utmost importance to her and her team, as both athletes and professionals.  

“If you don’t endeavor to look after yourself and be the best version of yourself for your family, friends, and clients, then who will? This is why I try to encourage anything that will make myself, my team, and my clients feel better on a daily basis. This could be using our sit-stand desks or enjoying our array of healthier snacks in the studio or encouraging regular breaks in a working day. Taking an interest in the people who make up the winning Picture Perfect team is important to me because people aren’t robots. With the current cost of living crisis, it’s also important to be mindful of any anxiety surrounding this and I see financial wellbeing being a big focus for 2023. Alongside this, prevention methods such as eating well and regularly, resting enough, and stress management, alongside exercise is going to play a big role in productivity in business for next year and beyond. By improving these areas for everyone involved in our business, I’m confident that it will continue to improve our working environment, physical and mental health, and our ability to serve our customers consistently. This is why I allocate a monthly wellbeing allowance to spend on their own personal development for each team member. 

As a competitive bodybuilder who also runs a business, having optimal nutrition, supplementation and coaching is vital to me and my success in competing in 2021 was emphasised by the holistic approach that I took to training to compete. I have been fine-tuning this throughout 2022, to come back better and compete to qualify for the IFBB in 2023. You can see more here – Day in the Life video. 

Our core team here at Picture Perfect Photography is made up of Collette Evans, our talented principal photographer, company founder, bodybuilding champion, and successful entrepreneur. Collette works alongside the amazing Jen Hammonds, who is the Brand Manager as well as a model, powerlifter, social media expert, and successful business owner in her own right, amongst many other talents. They are a super team that matches talent, ambition, and dedication to devastating effect.  

Collette has been working as a professional photographer since 2002, having gained vital experience across corporate, product, fitness, and lifestyle photography. Her credentials in the fitness sector were cemented when she gained a British Natural Bodybuilding title in 2021 after a strenuous 12-month training and dietary regime. This led to several brand partnerships for UGC content alongside winning a sponsorship deal with supplement brand, Barefoot Nutrition. 

Collette enjoys working on conceptual creative projects with advanced lighting and has gained a reputation as a premium photographer with a keen eye for detail to the brief. She has developed a strong name in the health and fitness industry, working with well-known brands such as Reflex Nutrition and Musclefood, backed by her personal brand “Hundred Percent.” 

Collette’s journey and her expert help and advice can be followed on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Meet Jen 

With extensive in social media and brand management, Jen has been an important part of the Picture Perfect Photography team since 2021.  

Jen has worked with various clients since she launched her own business in 2016. She loves a creative brief using her solid knowledge, and market analysis of current trends to help to bring commercial brand strategies to life. 

Jen has been an entrepreneur from a young age. In fact, she became the youngest-ever store owner in Sheffield’s huge shopping mall, Meadowhall. This came around after she created a solid brand that was found on social media and invited to join the mall. This experience has set Jen on the path to becoming extremely well-versed in the kind of social media marketing that drives progress and success. 

Just like Collette, Jen will never be too far from a gym setting. She has gained a fantastic following on social media, as she has documented her fitness journey on Instagram, gaining plenty of powerlifting PBs along the way. She has worked alongside some major fitness brands in the industry, including MuscleFood. She’s looking forward to taking her passion for powerlifting into the competitive arena in 2023, along with pushing her social media and modeling careers further. She’s got some exciting brand deals in the pipeline for the new year, so watch this space!

Picture Perfect Photography is a professional photography studio and operation based out of Haigh, near Barnsley. We have gained rave reviews for our dedication to providing attentive service and spectacular visual content for our clients. We are as comfortable shooting product photography and pack shots for mechanical manufacturers as we are lifestyle photography for social media personalities and fitness brands.  

We offer membership packages for brands and individuals to achieve their business and marketing objectives, whilst getting the most possible value for their money. From creative strategy sessions to express delivery of assets, a Picture Perfect Photography membership package delivers maximum value that saves you time and effort.  

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