Visual Appeal: How to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales With Professional Product Photography

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” -Destin Sparks

Communication is often misunderstood as talking and listening. While this is part of communication, it is not the whole picture. Communication is not necessarily what is said or heard, it is what is conveyed from one person or party to another. When it comes to your products, photographs can do what words alone cannot.

E-commerce photography is the cornerstone of all successful e-commerce businesses. Without it, potential customers leave and don’t come back. They don’t have the time or patience to play around with poor-quality product photos and they have lots of options to go elsewhere. It is critical to get it right.

No matter the product, no matter the niche, when it comes to e-commerce sales, professional product photography will boost revenues and exposure, if it is done well. At Picture Perfect Photo, we understand this and have collaborative solutions for you and your business. 


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What Does Professional E-Commerce Photography do for my E-Commerce Sales?

Increases Revenue

With professional e-commerce photography, we can communicate to your audience and your customers exactly why they need what you are offering. Every company is different but customers act in similar patterns, no matter the products they are buying. They want to see the products, in multiple photographs and they want the product they receive to look exactly like what they saw in the photo. The proof is in the numbers. A study produced by eBay found that product listings that had one image had twice the conversion rate of listings with no images and that number doubled again for listing with two images!

Increases Engagement

With social media posts, text-only posts cannot compete with professional e-commerce photography. Images that highlight a product stylishly and elegantly, without taking away from the product itself are more likely to be engaged with. An study found that 83% of respondents said that an image was “very” or “extremely” influential. Don’t leave that influence on the table by not using professional e-commerce photography for your products.

Reduces Return Rates

According to, over 20% of all returns are because the products do not look like they did in the photos!That’s amazing. We can cut that number down drastically by taking crisp, clear product photos that emphasize the product and the product alone. Let the customer see what you are offering with e-commerce photography that highlights what the customer wants… your products. 

Why is E-Commerce Photography More Important Than Ever?

You can share images effortlessly.

Most social media sites have share options that allow customers to share product images with the click of a button. A personal recommendation is the best form of advertising and when someone shares a photo of your product with someone else, they are recommending that product, even if they don’t say it.

Products photos help customers make up their minds.

Since there are so many options for buying products today, any customer can easily look up your product, or something similar, in an instant somewhere else. E-commerce photography that underscores the product and its features are more effective at persuading customers to buy than almost any other factor.

Great photos build trust with customers

Grainy and boring product photos will be the death of any product, even if it is amazing. Customers who see sharp and professional-looking product images trust that company and its products more than a business that doesn’t put any effort into showcasing them to its customers.

People don’t read text

The majority of people don’t read the text of an article. Studies have found that people scan the page for the information they may find relevant and use it. Images and professional e-commerce photography give the customers content that they will engage with and has a higher potential to influence their buying habits.

How E-Commerce Photography Boosts Sales

          Effective product photography needs to be able to showcase products in a way that speaks to the customer, explaining what the products are and why they need them. How do we do this? What types of e-commerce photography services do we provide to upgrade and elevate your products?

White Background and Background Removal

“We capture the important details of your products, creating assets that sell, so you don’t have to.”

Using a white background or removing the background for product photos draws attention to the only place that it needs to be, the products. 

CGI Capabilities with Intelligent Design

With CGI and intelligent design, the sky is the limit… scratch that, there are no limits! Considering the target audience, the target market, and your vision, we craft product photos that speak your message loud and clear. CGI technology allows us to enhance backgrounds, reflections, and shadows and to create imagery that will stay will your customers long after they have left your site.

Tefal air fryer Kitchen Appliance product photography

Strategic E-Commerce Photography Approach

Collaboration is key and we strive to take your vision and turn it into reality with your product photos. From idea to execution, we deliver quality results that you can count on to make a powerful impact on your product engagement and sales.

E-Commerce Photography that Goes Above and Beyond

At Picture Perfect Photo, we know our photos will drive engagement and increase traffic to your business but we don’t stop there. We use different techniques and methods to ensure our professional e-commerce photography boosts your e-commerce sales. What does that look like?

SEO Optimization 

Search engines have a hard time understanding images which means that for images to contribute to SEO optimization, we alter the file name. Instead of using “image#2.jpeg”, we create a file name that is optimized with relevant and descriptive keywords that search engines will understand and account for.

Post-Production Editing 

We use the editing process as a way to enhance our e-commerce photography, making your products enticing and eye-catching. Over-edited product photos are easy to find and easier to ignore because they don’t create the draw that well-edited product photos do. 

Web Optimized Image Sizing and Cropping

Standards for customer experiences have never been higher. This is true for the digital space even more so than the physical stores. E-commerce apps and sites need to be clean, easy to use, and fun to keep up with the competition. Professional e-commerce photography gives you the edge to outperform them. We optimize the image sizing and cropping to account for all of the social media and desktop options that customers could be using, ensuring they see a crisp and clear image, every time.

Picture Perfect Photo

            Let us help you tell your story. We put your business, your passion, and your products on display for the world to see so they can know how you plan on adding value to them. Contact us today to begin collaborating on your next product photoshoot and bring your brand to life. 

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