Top tips on photographing your gym

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If you’re looking to capture the strength and power of your gym, why not start by showcasing the energetic atmosphere and personality of your gym through powerful photography? 

With more people looking to get after the recent COVID-19 lockdown, there is more demand for visual content online than ever before. It’s important to ensure you have your gym photos ready to show everyone the potential that they can achieve at your gym.

Ready to give your gym its best look and feel?

Here are our tips on taking the best photos of your gym:

1.) Showcase your gym’s personal best

I’ve always liked getting to know the atmosphere and the instructors at the gym to help bring the best of the gym’s personality to the surface. Giving people a flavour of the training sessions with instructors or showing the friendly familiar faces that would help them throughout their time at your gym. 

2.) Up your lighting game

Give your gym the best lighting. Depending on the feel you want to give off for your gym, I highly recommend experimenting with creative lighting techniques using spotlighting, or colourful lighting in the background to create depth and richness in your photographs to help make them look dynamic and powerful. 

3.) Fitting your gym equipment in action

Picture Perfect Photography - Gym Photography

You don’t always need professional athlete models to showcase your gym equipment. It’s all about conveying the right atmosphere with your equipment. Whether it’s barbells, dumbbells, power (squat) racks, or the elliptical, capturing action shots of people working out is the best way to show off your gym equipment.  

4.) Capture with the best gear and correct framing

Using a high-quality camera and lens helps to ensure good quality photos are produced for your gym. Keeping the frame tight, only showing the full shot and movement will help maintain the focus on the model and equipment. Always be aware of what’s happening in the background to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the focus of the shot.

Why not try and take your gym photos to the next level?  

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