The Impact of High Volume Photography for Brands

As a business or a brand with a lot of products, it can be seen as an arduous task when you’re in the process of adding them all to your catalogue and website. Particularly if your products aren’t deemed that sexy or exciting for most people, and are more of a functional or niche application. We’re talking screws, tie-wraps, or smaller components of a larger mechanical product. 

Here at Picture Perfect Photography, we are undoubtedly specialists in health and fitness photography, capturing somebody at the peak of their physical condition, as they flex beneath lighting that highlights their every contour. What you may not realise is that we are also an expert brand in manufacturing and high-volume product photography that takes the hassle out of capturing huge quantities of images of products for numerous businesses up and down the UK.

 Over the past twenty years, our founder and principal photographer Collette Evans has gained a vast amount of experience in photography of all types. Whilst she has a keen eye for fitness, which has been honed over the years as she trained hard to eventually become a British Bodybuilding Champion, she is also a dedicated high-volume photographer, capturing tens of thousands of images for industrial clients.  

 There is a certain parallel between capturing bodybuilding photography and more mechanical products; an athlete’s body is a well-oiled machine, with contours and angles that lend themselves to great photography. Similarly, the smooth edges and hard angles of mechanical components are there to be discovered and turn a functional piece of equipment into something different altogether. Anything can be easy on the eye and desirable if your photographer is good enough! 

So, what is high-volume photography? 

High-volume photography is the act of capturing multiple images of different things in one sitting, usually with the same backdrop. For example, capturing dozens of images of pupils at a school photography session, or shooting multiple colours of the same product model in the same image composition. 

Who would benefit from high-volume photography? 

Businesses that have huge catalogues of functional products would massively benefit from outsourcing their high-volume photography needs. The board of directors are busy people, and the sales team and managers are busy. The marketing department would much rather be out there creating amazing campaigns, rather than spending hours on end capturing dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of product images of each variation of each of their products.  

High-volume photography is exactly the kind of job you should be outsourcing so that you can focus on the daily operation of your business.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my high-volume photography? 

The benefits of outsourcing this kind of work far outweigh the disadvantages, particularly for a business that needs the images.  

Sure, for a photographer, it leaves little room for letting the creative beast out with some dazzling colours, textures, and spectacular editing or CGI, but for a business, outsourcing high-volume photography can have great benefits, and many. 

A photographer can save you time 

Imagine your marketing team spending a full week, maybe more, with a white backdrop and a DSLR or Smartphone Camera, with boxes upon boxes on different products that need adding to your latest catalogue. If they’re doing this, then who’s doing their job? 

By outsourcing the photography work then your workforce is actively doing the work they are paid to do, rather than a necessary evil.

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