The Different Styles of Clothing Photography That Make a Successful Fashion Brand

Fashion is all about self-expression and style. The clothes we buy have the power to make us feel many things, confident, happy, accomplished, or even just plain comfortable! So when it comes to capturing clothing photography, there are so many ways to capture the different expressions that fashion consumers love. This makes it essential to understand what exactly your clothing photography is telling people.

From high fashion photography, street fashion photography, editorial photography, catalogue photography to white background e-commerce photography, creating the right style of clothing photography that suits your clothing business’ purpose and audience is a great way to drive sales and develop your fashion brand.

1. Catalogue Photography & E-commerce Photography

Catalogue photography is central to your fashion business; its purpose is to sell clothing, focusing customers’ attention towards the outfit. Similar to product photography, catalogue photography showcases the details, styles and features of your clothing. The only real difference is the presence of the model in a lifestyle setting. We approach catalogue clothing photography by taking time to understand our clients’ fashion direction, audience and brand. This creative planning allows us to create exciting images that truly reflect your brand, clothing and your customers’ fashion and lifestyle interests. When shooting lifestyle settings in authentic locations, we make sure the outfit is centre stage, so we use specialist lighting techniques to capture the details of the clothing without washing out the colours.

E-commerce photography for your fashion brand is more important than ever. With online-based sales at record highs, getting those simple, white background clothing photos that showcase your outfits is essential. Clean and simple white background clothing photos are perfect for e-commerce fashion sites, where your customers are looking for an easy-to-navigate experience. With any white background photography, we always ensure that the images are colour balanced. This makes all of your photos appear consistent and uniform on your e-commerce shop pages.

2. High Fashion Photography

High fashion photography tells tales of luxury and intrigue. This is the kind of photos we see on the covers of our favourite fashion magazines. As photographers, we create high fashion photos through often exaggerated poses, a formal wardrobe, impeccable hairstyles and luxury locations to blend a flawless image. The challenge with high fashion photography is organising all of these elements to work perfectly together. So like in any shoot, we take close care in organising and communicating location, lighting, models, poses, atmosphere, hair and makeup. With our advanced lighting, camera and post-production equipment, we love shooting creative high fashion photography.

3. Street Fashion Photography

In contrast to high fashion photography is street fashion photography. Street fashion photography expresses the everyday comfort of clothes rather than the more obscure, whilst still looking elegant. Street fashion photos are great visual marketing assets for your website and social media due to their relatability and style. They express the everyday joy of feeling casual, confident and comfortable.

4. Editorial Photography

Editorial fashion photos are a great way to push your fashion brand into publications like magazines, newspapers and online fashion blogs. These fashion images not only showcase your clothing but also tell an intriguing story with themes and concepts. This creative style of photography is rewarding in the sense that it connects customers with both the details of your clothing and the story of your fashion brand.

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