Spring 2022 – Latest Work

Spring 2022 was jam-packed for us, to say the least! From fitness shoots to personal branding and white background e-commerce, we were out on location shooting most days!

Eddie Sykes – Personal Branding

Eddie is a subscription client of ours, we take care of his gym photography along with his personal branding as a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and online coach. We first travelled over to his new home to get some lifestyle shots ready to use on his socials. Images such as him working from home, his daily habits like his day-to-day essential supplements and images that show his personality were a priority, as we want to ensure he can build trust with potential clients that take a look at his socials before investing in his services.

We worked with Eddie on a 2 hour shoot.

Barefoot Nutrition

Barefoot Nutrition is a natural supplement company that sponsors our owner, Collette, for her bodybuilding and fitness journey. We shot their products in and around the studio and matched their brand well by going to a woodland area located on our site, which is utilised by many of our clients. The natural light allowed us to get clear shots of the products and packaging and made the labels stand out. Around our studio, we have a wide variety of different settings which makes us versatile and enables there to be a location suitable just for you. The photos we captured were to be used for the brand’s social media and website. 

We were able to create 10 images in 1 hour for Barefoot Nutrition.


C4 Energy wanted product photography for their social media. We shot the products in our studio on a white background showcasing the specific flavours they have on offer by adding fresh fruit and sweets to match. We then sent the raw photos off for creative retouch and had the CGI effects added to make the image look more appealing and to meet the brand image. C4 wanted photographs of their energy drinks as well as their pre-workout so we had many products to shoot, and with a detailed brief to meet, they provided us with brand guidelines to ensure we created the images just how the client asked. 

We created this products for C4 on a Half-Day Shoot.

Granada Glazing

Granada Glazing came to us wanting images for e-commerce of their secondary glazing window frames. All photos were shot in our studio with all images having the background removed and being lit the same to ensure consistency on the brands’ website.  To do this we used Elinchrom ELC and ELB headlights as well as using a tripod which ensured the camera didn’t move at all. The photos were going to be placed together to make a GIF for their website, so again it was important all the images looked in uniform with each other and that everything was captured from precisely the same angle.

To create the images for Granada Glazing we did a 2 hour shoot.

Haywood & Padgett

Haywood & Padgett returned to us for photography of healthy steamed doughnuts for their new brand, Halo. We were able to be very creative with the backdrops and props for this project so we planned for some creative carnival-themed shots, along with more product-focused images that still had a creative flair like dripping chocolate or hands involved in the images. 

One of our main aims was to colour match the toppings of the products to the background as the more colourful photographs were being used for campaigns. We incorporated fresh ingredients which complimented the flavours of the products well, such as strawberries and lemons to match the flavours of the doughnuts. The final images were intended to be taken to a board meeting and a presentation for a supermarket.

We did a Full-Day Shoot to create these images for Haywood & Padgett.

Morris Living

Morris Living, our regular client, was looking for some new product photography for their website and e-commerce of their recliner chair to ensure their customers can get a genuine feel for their product. We captured the product from a variety of angles to try and showcase all features of the chairs. All photos were shot on a white background and lit equally for continuity across the shots.

We created these product images on a 2 hour shoot.


Veterinary Instrumentation is a subscription client whom we shoot for regularly. We ensured to show consistency through all their products by using a white background and the same lighting. These images will be used for e-commerce so it’s vital we kept them consistent and clear throughout. 

To create these eCommerce images we had a Full-Day Shoot.

Ryan Dudley – PT and Online Coach

Ryan is on our subscription plan so we meet regularly to capture fresh content for his socials. For this shoot in particular we focused on his physique as he wanted to capture his diet transformation for his holiday! We headed to Graft Haus gym in Leeds where we really enjoyed getting these pictures as the natural lighting was fantastic to work with. We used various areas of the gym to showcase Ryans’ physique on different pieces of equipment that he used to get in shape like the sled push and deadlifts. We were aiming for a ‘SONY’ vibe for this shoot and I think we executed this perfectly!

We worked with Ryan on a 2 hour shoot.

Josh Mcdool

Strength Positive is a regular client of ours in Sheffield that hosts gym go-ers, regular boot camps and PT sessions. Recently the owner Josh booked in with us for lifestyle shots at Kelham Island in Sheffield. He wanted to achieve a more personal and unique look to his photos, so he brought multiple outfits to change into to add variety to the images. Our goal was to embed Josh’s personality into the photos by going to the places he likes to go in his spare time. We utilised different locations hidden on the streets of Sheffield such as the colourful backgrounds making the pictures stand out and be unique to be posted on his social media.

We capture Josh’s’ images with worked with him on a 2 hour shoot.

Another set of images for Josh at Strength Positive was held at his home where we captured the different things that make up his daily routine to show clients a better insight into who their coach is. This included showcasing the supplements he takes every morning. As a personal trainer and gym owner, he has a very active and fit lifestyle so we wanted to really get this across through images ready to post on his socials. We also took photos of him working from home on his laptop with his online coaching clients.

To capture the images of Josh at his home we did a 2 hour shoot.

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