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Being a social media manager can be a difficult and challenging role. It is not just about posting content, but also managing the brand, coming up with content ideas, and ensuring that overall brand messaging is consistent. For any brand manager, one of the biggest challenges is creating content ideas that will resonate with the target audience and help you to stay in their minds for longer.  

This means staying up to date with current trends and understanding what type of content will be most effective for your brand. Additionally, setting goals and objectives for the content can help keep a brand manager on track. Staying on top of the latest trends and adapting content can help you to reflect on current events.  


Get Three Months of Content Inspiration Here

Staying organized is essential for any brand manager. This means creating a plan of action, and tracking and organizing content. Understanding what type of content works and what type of content does not is essential to your success as a social media manager.  

But fear not, for we here at Picture Perfect Photography have vast experience in helping brands and their social media managers, to create not just superior quality product photography that stands apart from the competition in the minds of their audience and customer base, but also proven strategies that can help to keep your brand fresh and relevant.  


We have worked alongside market-leading brands in the health and fitness industry, to help them to bring ideas to life and then set them free on their social media platforms. Large and small brands will all face the same challenge in ensuring their content is always new, always fresh, and always engaging, so we have decided to bring some ideas and inspiration together for you to try out with your own brand.  

This is the Picture Perfect Photography Guide to creating three months of fresh and engaging content with your products, brand partners, and a professional photographer. This is a workable, repeatable strategy that can be implemented by any size of brand.  

Month One – User-Generated Content in a Home Setting 

Use your relationships with notable industry people to provide them with some of your products and ask them to create engaging content by modeling the product in their own homes.  

If you’re a retailer of fitness food then have them in the kitchen posing with your product. Have them hold the product in close-up shots of their hands or have them in a power stance with your product in a prominent position on the kitchen top. If you supply workout equipment then get them actively using that equipment in the comfort of their own home to help your audience to visualise themselves using it too.  


Don’t restrict it to just the interior either; get them outside so that your photographer can capture them in a picturesque location that can really give the visual of your products a great boost. For brands that supply workout gear, encourage your content creator to perform some exercises whilst wearing them, and give your product imagery a truly aspirational feel.  

Lifestyle photography in a genuine setting such as a home or a garden can help to showcase your brand’s personality, and it provides a real insight into your brand through User Generated Content. Lifestyle product photography can elevate your merchandise from that of capturing a sterile white backdrop with minimal personality.  

Barefoot Nutrition

This type of photography and content creation is repeatable, by changing up the models you work with, or the product you choose to promote in a particular month. Locations are practically limitless; you can capture great UGC in towns and cities, rural countryside locations, and even at the local park! 

Super Botanic - Commercial Product Photography
Super Botanic

Month Two – Studio-based Content

Product photography in a studio doesn’t have to be sterile. A great photographer will bring colour, personality, and wonderfully fun ideas to a product photography shoot. They will bring CGI and other technical tricks to the party that can elevate your product in the eyes and minds of your audience.  

Work with a photographer to create engaging studio-based photographs of some of your product range. Incorporate models or props into the photography session, bring the products completely to life, and you have a full suite of adaptable images that can be used across all your different platforms.  

Consider the platforms that you’re sharing too; a great photographer will provide images that are optimised for each platform. A series of up to ten on-brand product images that can be used on Instagram, an animated GIF or carousel slideshow, and a behind-the-scenes video for highlighting your brand’s personality on TikTok or Instagram stories. A studio shoot can provide incredibly versatile results.  

Protein Rebel

Your photographer will know how to create visuals that align with your brand and provide consistent imagery that sings to your audience.  

This type of photography and content creation is also repeatable; don’t be tempted to bring your whole product range in one go. Hold something back so that your next shoot can be a whole other adventure that is instantly recognisable yet completely new at the same time.  

Month Three – Gym-based Content

As a health and fitness brand, your products will likely be used and enjoyed by people who frequently visit the gym, so why not take your products to a gym and highlight their own natural habitat? 

There is always a huge amount of opportunity to capture great photographs in the gym. There are countless aesthetic and appealing product photo gym location opportunities and pieces for your content in this setting. Different lighting techniques (including natural light) can make a huge difference to the quality of your photos and how your products look new each time you change them.  

Body Revolution

Have your models working out using your gym equipment or wearing your gym clothing range. If you supply supplements or healthy food then have them consume it or working out, whilst your product takes a prominent position in the foreground or background. Don’t only restrict it to workouts; have your models posing with the product whilst leaning on the equipment, looking into the mirror, or sitting on a bench.  

Then, why not remove your model altogether and simply capture your product in the gym to help your customers to associate your product with their comfort zone? A gym location backdrop can often make for a more engaging spot than a plain backdrop.  

Good Performance Nutrition

Again, this is repeatable because you can change the gym you capture your product photography in or even just the equipment you photograph with. Switch up the model from a female to a male, or work with people of different body types according to the message you wish to deliver.  

Professional Photography Can Make the Difference 

So, there you go. Three months of repeatable content ideas that can help to inspire you to take your thinking outside of the box, and it can be time optimal for a professional photographer to capture them for you.  

As good as an iPhone camera might be, great product photography is about lighting, it’s about the positioning of the product. It’s about knowing how to capture different bodies in a way that helps to bring out their best features.  

Picture Perfect Photography is a professional studio that specialises in health and fitness product photography. We have worked with leading brands such as BULK, Body Revolution, ERYX Fight Gear, Protein Rebel, and Alpha Designs, who have all trusted us to use our expertise to bring their products to life, whether in our studio, on location, or in the gym.  

When you work with Picture Perfect Photography you don’t only receive premium quality images that are optimised for use as content on any social media platform, on your website, and in your promotional marketing materials. You receive a one-stop-shop level of service that incorporates creative strategy sessions, professional photography and video services, and social media expertise to help you to drive your brand forward. With monthly membership plans that offer great savings and exclusive add-on services, you can work with a brand that truly understands the process from start to finish, and is equipped to deliver it all.  

Collette Evans, Photographer

With over twenty years of experience in award-nominated photography and a solid pedigree of title-winning success in competitive bodybuilding, our company founder and principal photographer Collette Evans has carved out a highly credible name for herself in health and fitness photography. We have gained numerous rave reviews for our attention to detail and ability to either follow a brief to the letter or provide help and creative ideas and advice for getting the most out of a session, whatever you need.  

Why not get in touch and book a discovery call with the Picture Perfect Photography team to discuss your social content requirements? Let us show you the value of truly great photography that makes amazing digital content.  

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