The Ultimate Package

Monthly fitness photography to keep you motivated, celebrate your wins and capture content to follow your personal fitness journey.

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level?

Our Ultimate monthly fitness shoots are an exciting way to document and share your progress with others, and stay accountable on your fitness path! 

Introducing our Ultimate Monthly Photoshoot Package! Imagine having the opportunity to capture your fitness transformation every step of the way! From those first inspiring moments to reaching your ultimate goals, we’re here to ensure every milestone is expertly captured and preserved for all time.

This is a monthly fitness photography, bodybuilding, and influencer photography package to make content creation and capturing your journey easy.

The Ultimate Package

If you’re looking for regular and monthly content to document your personal fitness journey, capture Influencer content, or document your bodybuilding competition prep then our Ultimate Plan is for you, explore your options below.

Ultimate fitness packages are perfect if you’re an athlete or competing or need short & concise monthly shoots. With our ultimate package, you will receive a monthly shoot, totaling 6 shoots to capture your progress, training, and any content you need over a 6-month time frame.

This package allows for 1 location and 1 outfit change
+ VAT Per Month for 6 months
Monthly Regular Shoot
1 Hr photoshoot every month
10 Images per month
6 Shoots over 6 months
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This package allows for 1 location and 2 outfit changes
+ VAT Per Month for 6 months
Monthly Regular Shoot
2 Hr photoshoot every month
30 Images per month
6 Shoots over 6 months
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Expert advice on posing, tanning, show day prep, styling advice, videos, and guides are included with every booking from our experienced photographer and bodybuilder Collette Evans.

Ask us about adding video, professional tanning, or nutrition to your package

To get started, all we require to confirm your date is a booking fee to cover your first monthly payment.

All prices shown are subject to VAT.

Why choose our Ultimate Package?

Don’t let your fitness journey go undocumented!  Seize the opportunity to show the world your dedication and hard work.  Let our expert photographers handle the creative details while you focus on reaching new heights in your fitness pursuits.

Track Your Progress

With monthly photoshoots, you’ll have a visual record of your hard work and dedication. Watching your body transform over time is incredibly motivating and allows you to see the changes you’ve made, even when progress feels slow.

Stay Accountable

Are you an influencer, athlete, or bodybuilder seeking to maintain focus during both on and off-seasons? Our monthly photoshoots will keep you accountable and on track with your fitness goals. 

Showcase Your Journey

Share your incredible transformation with the world! Whether you’re an influencer inspiring others or an athlete showcasing your dedication, our photos will resonate with your audience and inspire them to chase their own fitness dreams.

Celebrate Achievements

Hitting a new personal record? Reaching a milestone? Every accomplishment is worth celebrating, and we’ll be there to capture those victorious moments so you can cherish them forever!

Shoot with the photographer who's been in your shoes

Our premium photographer, Collette Evans, is the perfect expert fitness photographer for you, having experienced both in front and behind the camera.

Collette has multiple 2021 British a UK International titles in Women’s Bodybuilding previously and has competed powerlifting and swimming competitions, so she knows what it takes to capture the best results.

Always ensuring you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident throughout the shoot. She’ll pre-plan the shoot with a pre-shoot discussion with you and provide advice on tan and outfits, and on the day will work with you to ensure your physique is captured in the best way! From posing and lighting, to varied angles, Collette will capture your boldness with powerful fitness photos that tell your unique transformation story.

Schedule a 15-minute call to chat about a fitness transformation photography shoot.

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