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Welcome to my own personal corner of the Picture Perfect Photography website.

About & Achievements

My name is Collette Evans, founder and principal photographer of our studio here in Haigh, South Yorkshire. I have over twenty years of photography experience, having captured many different subjects for a variety of purposes over those two decades, helping some huge brands to increase their sellability through professional photography.

Across 2020, 2021, and 2022 I was shortlisted for British Photography Awards in Wedding and product photography, achievements that came from my passion for working on conceptual creative projects with advanced lighting techniques.

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So who is the woman behind the camera & who is Collette Evans?

I am a World & British Natural Women’s Bodybuilding title-holder, with many 1st place trophies for competitive bodybuilding. I achieved a 3rd placed position in a UK International competition, and have been a finalist at numerous championships.

I believe that efficient training, correct nutrition, recovery, and quality supplementation are key to gaining optimum results, and I uphold high standards by paying attention to my health and nutritional demands whether I’m prepping to compete or not.

More recently, I have merged my love for fitness and bodybuilding with my professional photography work. I have carved out a solid reputation in the fitness industry as a photographer who understands the dedication and effort required to achieve success.

It’s not only brands and their products that I love to connect with, I have forged great working relationships with countless professional PTs, independent Gyms, and online coaches.

This section of my website will provide a peek behind the curtain of my professional life, with great video content that will help aspiring bodybuilders understand what is required to compete at a high standard. I will also share some fantastic content around my lifestyle, training, nutrition, and dietary topics, as well as professional photography that can and will inspire fitness brands and enthusiasts to take their visual social media activity to the next level.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Through an organised and creative approach, I have a proven record of success when working with large corporate and independent brands alike delivering the content expected through my channels alongside promoting the product or service in exchange for sponsorship.

I’m currently seeking out contracted sponsorship opportunities further to my existing sponsorships that I have in place to work with me as an athlete through my improvement season. Please get in touch if you’re interested in working with me.

Public Motivational & Speaking

Beyond my photography, I extend my influence as a captivating public speaker. Audiences are enthralled as I share invaluable insights on goal setting, effective business strategies, the craft of content creation, and even the world of bodybuilding. I believe that it’s my commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional skills that have firmly established me as a highly sought-after professional in the realms of photography, business, and bodybuilding.

Samples of my speaking:

UGC & Paid Content Opportunities

I have worked with numerous fitness brands as both a professional photographer and as a brand partner & paid content creator to create photos, reels, and videos of high quality. My social accounts (predominantly Instagram & YouTube) have a highly engaged social media following with an audience relevant to fitness and bodybuilding that has been authentically built.

My combined roles as a vastly experienced photographer, bodybuilding champion, and social media marketing professional set me in a unique position, to provide brands from the fitness industry with superior quality UGC and Paid Partnership opportunities, that match visual flair with industry knowledge and relevant content.

Through my personal brand ‘Hundred Percent, I have forged amazing brand partnerships & sponsorships with fitness brands such as Barefoot Nutrition, Musclefood, The Skinny Food Co, Body Revolution, Knack Snacks, Super Botanics, Empwr, Coconut Collaborative, CNP, Batiste Haircare, Lyres, and Reflex Nutrition, and have worked closely with others for product photography, including BULK, Gluteywear, C4, Barefoot Nutrition, and Alpha Designs.

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Barefoot Nutrition – I’m privileged to work with Barefoot Nutrition as my main sponsor and also as a retailer. I love that their products are 100% natural and contain high-quality ingredients in a capsule. They offer a wide range of essential vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin C & D, Omega 3 oil, Magnesium Glycinate, and probiotics. 

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High-quality UK-made supplements including proteins and vitamins, Reflex pride itself on using only grass-fed whey and no aspartame. I’m a proud ambassador of the full reflex range and their products are available to purchase here >>

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Here’s why I love Rheal Superfoods:

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