Bodybuilding & Physique Photography

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your fitness and bodybuilding journey? Our professional photographer has won multiple titles in Women’s Bodybuilding and is an expert in fitness photography, capturing muscular bodies at work.

Celebrate and capture your bodybuilding journey.

Are you prepping for a bodybuilding show? If you are looking to document your fitness and bodybuilding journey and want to capture the physique you’ve been working so hard for then Picture Perfect Photo is the perfect place for you.

Our photographer, Collette Evans, has years of experience in the fitness industry and over two decades of experience in photography. She knows how to capture your best look and will help you tell your unique bodybuilding story.

You’ll love our powerful fitness photos and bodybuilding photography, which will show off your physique achievements and your boldness. They’ll be a reminder of how far you’ve come and will inspire you to keep going.

Don’t delay, book your session with Collette and let’s capture your incredible fitness and bodybuilding journey!

Look great. Feel great.

Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Dale Turner

We know what it takes to be the best, and how much time and discipline it takes to achieve your goals, so we are here to help you achieve that same level of success from your fitness and bodybuilding photo shoot, too.


Bodybuilding and physique photography are all about looking and feeling great, creating a visual result that represents your unique identity to your audience, and the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your journey so far! 


Physiques that stand out from the crowd.

Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Dale Turner

Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or athlete, personal trainer, or new to fitness and competing – we’ll be capturing and creating photos that help you stand out from the crowd.


From the studio to lifestyle locations and in the gym. We’ll help you with the posing, lighting, and angles, and through generating creative concepts, art direction, photography, editing, and retouching, we create professional and powerful fitness photos to remember and that tell your unique bodybuilding journey.

Pricing that suits you

Payment plan

Everyone is different. Therefore you have the option to split your payment over 3 payments.
Join our unique photogrpahy subscriptions plan and receive regular, consistent photography via streamlined monthly payments.

One off payment

All we require to confirm your date is a booking fee, the remainder is due 14 days after your shoot date.

Schedule a 15 minute call to chat about your bodybuilding and physique photography requirements.

01226 872 517


Do you have a photography studio?

Yes. Our professional studio is in Barnsley, Yorkshire. With a variety of quality backdrops and staging equipment combined with expert lighting, we are all set to capture your brand’s story.

Can you travel to us?

Yes. We also love to work on location and come to your offices.

What areas do you cover?

We mostly work locally in Yorkshire, but we also cover the rest of the UK and internationally.

Can you arrange models for our photoshoot?

Yes. We are happy to source models.

Can you remove background on a photo?

Yes. We are experienced in ‘clipping’ images and removing backgrounds for a clean finish.

Can you provide video?

No. But, we work with a handful of excellent local videographers. We are happy to recommend any of them to you.

Can you provide graphic design?

No. But we work with some talented local graphic designers. We are happy to recommend any of them to you.


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