September & October – Latest Work 

Wow, where is 2022 going? We have been incredibly busy, and the year is flying by as a result. There’s been a real variety to the work we have done in September and October, with both new and regular clients coming to Picture Perfect Photography for their professional shoots. The uses for the images we created have been just as varied, with digital assets for social media, website catalogue shoots, and other marketing materials.  

We’ve travelled to Newcastle and experienced a new gym to shoot in (always a pleasure!) with a familiar face from previous work, captured membership clients for their professional UGC needs, smashed some High Volume Photography for a wool manufacturer, and worked with some amazing brand names from the world of Health and Fitness. How about we dig deeper and introduce you to some of the great people and brands we’ve worked with in September and October.  

Wingham Wool

Wingham Wool came to us for support in showcasing the exact colour match of their extensive luxurious wool collection. Their main outlet for selling is their website, and with the different types of screen that a customer might use, it was vital that we were able to showcase the exact colours of each product, which would ensure customer satisfaction, and of course keep those costly returns low. As they are based in the nearby village of Wentworth, the whole process was made quicker and easier by our client delivering and collecting the product before and after the shoot, which meant it took only half a day. 

Connagh Howard

We recently travelled to Newcastle to work with Connagh Howard, the talented PT, fitness influencer, model and online coach to provide him with professional images. You might recognise Connagh from our Product Photography shoot with leading supplier of supplements, sports nutrition and high-quality athletic wear, BULK. 

For that shoot, Connagh and the BULK team came to our studios here in Yorkshire, so that we could capture the BULK ambassador modelling their premium clothing range in a professional photographic environment, so it was only right that we travelled to see Connagh for the second shoot in his own backyard, in the City Centre, and at the simply stunning Method Gym in Newcastle. 

Connagh is launching a new app, and with his huge social media presence he has deals with some special fitness and bodybuilding brands, such as BULK and Mirafit. These deals require regular new product photography, so he needed professional images from a team that he trusted, and who truly understood the fitness industry and what makes a great bodybuilding photo. Having worked together on the BULK shoot, it made perfect sense that Connagh choose Picture Perfect Photography for the second shoot. 

Knack Snacks 

We had an amazing time at the Arnold Festival in the Summer, meeting some great brands and people. One of those was Knack Snacks, who were enjoying their first time at the Expo. Knack Snacks are a healthy alternative to Maltesers, with 12g of Protein, so as you can imagine they were a great snack of choice for our bodybuilding and powerlifting team in the office. 

They were in desperate need of product shots that were both studio based and lifestyle, so ever the proactive brand that we are, we got right on with shooting the actual product that they handed to us at the Arnold Festival. Within a month we had captured 20 professional images that had been captured and edited, from a 2 hour shoot that had been booked from one of our amazing introductory offers.  


Our work with ERYX was a real example of a professional company coming to the rescue of a client at short notice. ERYX supply some high quality MMA Fighter Gear, and they were due to exhibit at the Arnold Festival, but their stock was badly delayed.  

With only a week until the expo, they delivered the goods to our studio near Barnsley, and our principal photographer Collette worked through the Bank Holiday weekend to capture everything that the ERYX team needed to effectively promote their gear at the expo. Of course, she came through with flying colours for the team, delivering over 80 images from a 4hr shoot, and their crisis was averted. Go Collette! 

Jimmy Ray

Whilst we’ve worked with Jimmy before, during a shoot for Sheffield’s Chris Mason Performance, this was our first time working with him as a professional PT, and it was great to meet his client at the same time.   

Ever the professional, Jimmy was a wonderful client, bringing along different outfits and ideas to make our job as easy as possible. We chatted with him beforehand, to discuss any ideas for the photos we would capture, but given our experience within health and fitness photography, he trusted us to put 100% into providing excellent shots of him and his client.   

The whole shoot was very relaxed, and was spread over around 2.5 hours, where the first half was Jimmy in a variety of lifestyle shots for use on his marketing materials and social media platforms, to promote his Online Coaching business. There were lots of smiling shots, as well as relaxed shots of him sitting on benches, and we worked with the lighting to ensure it was fully on-brand for Jimmy and his business.   

In the second half of the shoot, we worked with Janine, and it was phenomenal to see her confidence grow throughout the experience. She had lost a lot of weight during her time with Jimmy, and he wanted to reward her with professional transformation shots to show how far she had come.   

As a female photographer with bodybuilding expertise, our principal photographer Collette immediately put Janine at ease, and she eventually gained the confidence to pose in a vest and shorts to highlight the huge transformation that had come from her fantastic effort. She looked absolutely amazing, and she should be very proud of herself for the work she has put in.  

In total, we delivered almost 130 images, from an efficient and professional shoot with an equally fantastic-to-work-with client.  

Eddie & 1079 Gym

Our membership client Eddie was topping up his personal brand content, as well as claiming a huge variety of digital assets to promote the 1079 Gym for their social media platforms.  

They had had a whole load of new kit delivered, and needed to get the word out in the form of some awesome pictures of the kit in use. The idea was to capture different types of gym member using the equipment, which in turn would help new prospects to visualise themselves using it. The whole session took 2 hours as part of our monthly membership packages, and both Eddie and the 1079 gym took delivery of 227 images between them, which will surely help to take their brands to the next level. 

Josh – Strength Positive

We have a great relationship with Social Media experts UserJenContent, who will often refer their clients to Picture Perfect Photography to capture, and Josh was one of these great clients. UserJenContent are managing Josh’s social media strategies, and some of the recommendations they put forward were to capture some professional shots that could actively promote Josh’s personal brand and the services that he offers.  

We captured some shots with a plain background and incorporated some negative space, so that Josh and his social media management team could use, as templates on which to add graphics to for promoting his new services. The shoot lasted an hour, and we delivered several amazing pictures that Josh was very happy with. 

Body Revolution

We were recently delighted to welcome a new business to our roster of clients, particularly as they supply products that are right up our street. Some of our favourite jobs have been in and around the fitness and bodybuilding industry, and over the past ten years we have developed some amazing relationships with brands, people and businesses throughout the scene.   

For this job, we were able to mix relationships old and new to create visual magic. Body Revolution are a home and commercial gym equipment supplier based out of the wonderful Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, having supplied Olympic standard products for over 15 years to individuals and professional gyms. In fact, they shipped over 10,000 of equipment last year alone!   

The client tasked us with making their products look as good as they feel to lift, so we left the studio and headed to Kelham Island in Sheffield to descend upon Made to Move gym, where we would shoot the equipment in a professional environment.   

Our brief would require a full day at the gym, with plenty of pre-planning and logistical organisation to ensure it went smoothly. Our Brand Manager Jen is an avid powerlifter, social media influencer and lifestyle model, so it was a no-brainer for the brand to use her to model the equipment in the gym, alongside our membership client and professional PT, Ryan Dudley. We’ve worked with both models on many occasions, which helped the day run exactly as we planned, with no time wasted at all. 

Ryan Dudley

Ryan Dudley – Personal Trainer Photography

Speak of the Devil! Our membership client Ryan was ready for his regular content top up, and as part of these membership deals, creative sessions where Picture Perfect Photography will make content suggestions that really tap into an audience for our clients, so this time we recommended a lifestyle shoot to show his personal life including cooking, home life etc to help build trust with his audience on socials.  

The shoot was about 1 hour, and we delivered 95 images to our client.  

Picture Perfect Photography Test Shoot 

We work alongside video production experts Big Sky Creative, who will create professional video content for Picture Perfect Photography, and clients that we will refer their way. This shoot was to showcase our services, and to show how Collette herself creates product shots here in our South Yorkshire photography studio. Keep your eyes open for the resulting video from this shoot, which was a great experience and something that will really highlight not just the people behind the cameras here at Picture Perfect, but the professional quality that you can expect to receive with Big Sky Creative. 

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