Rebranding: What to Consider When Redesigning Your Packaging (Due To Brexit)

Brexit has brought forth new packaging regulations – which means you have the perfect opportunity you’ve been looking for: an excuse to rebrand, redesign, and realign yourself with your target audience.

If you’ve been relying on the same old packaging for years, it can feel a little intimidating when you are sitting down to brainstorm new ideas. There are so many directions you can take – and successful rebranding needs a lot of work behind the scenes. Perhaps the final call is up to you, or you have a whole marketing and design team arguing away in the boardroom. Either way, there’s a lot to consider in order to best appeal to your target audience, but, luckily, we have some advice: team up with a professional product photographer. They’ll help you achieve the images you need to transform your website, deliver engaging social media content and drive new leads.

First – let’s take a look at the new regulations.

The end of the Brexit negotiations has come down to this: a significant change in a number of general packaging regulations. Come 1st October 2022, UK businesses are expected to declare “UK” or “Non-UK” sources, swap out EU-related logos, and comply with “UK Conformity Assessed Marking”.

It’s a lot to take in. These (almost) minor changes give product-based businesses the perfect opportunity to completely redesign their packaging and score an increase in sales through a perfect branding, marketing and photography strategy. 

Your target audience will listen to you.

There’s no doubt that we’ve moved into a visual-economy, with influencers and companies presenting their best creative presence online. Your audience is constantly bombarded with perfect lives and brands on social media – and secretly, they want to look good too, brag to their friends about a new product and receive feedback that will boost their self-confidence.

To succeed with your packaging redesign, you need to know how your target audience thinks – and what will appeal to them most. Then you need to get online and put yourself out there by showcasing what you offer visually.

It’s time to update your website.

Once you’ve got a revamped package design – you need to share it with your audience to maximise your return on investment.

Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to have a refreshed website look that will match your new brand. Truthfully, if your e-commerce websites are showing outdated pictures: you’ve wasted time, and money, on your redesign. To truly make the most of your new packaging – you need to have a perfect photography strategy.

To achieve a full portfolio of website images, you need to work with a photographer that can manage high volume products for shooting. Photographing on white background for e-commerce and providing low and high res images.

A professional photographer should also offer further image rendering options to make them ready for marketing campaigns with the use of CGI and creative retouch.

Did you know that first impressions make a huge difference on sales, growth and profitability?

In order to decrease your bounce rate and improve how long people are spending on your site: your products need to appeal to them… immediately. With average attention spans at an all-time low – you need to immediately draw your audience in.

How? Through eye-catching photos, stunning visuals and a professional photographer with a vision.

Updating your product photos is an easy, obvious way to transform first perceptions, be your authentic self and, ultimately: increase your sales.

Your photos also need to be consistent. For websites to have the best results – they need images that compliment each other and enhance your website. Attractive photography will keep your audience scrolling for longer.

What next?

You’ve updated your packaging. You’ve transformed your website.

Now you need your audience to come to you.

Your target audience aren’t just noticing attractive visuals – they are looking for experiences, and commercial lifestyle photography is excellent for social media content and marketing campaigns.

Everybody has an “ideal self” and seeing their dream being presented to them on screen is guaranteed to pull them further into the purchasing decision – meaning positive sales and a happy bottom line.

Picture Perfect Photography has product photography packages that will bring your products to life. We have a tried and tested system in place to convert thousands of products into appealing, organised and web-ready images that can even be Amazon compliant (and they aren’t easy to please!). You can ship directly to the studio or we can collect your products to shoot. We’ll deliver consistent product images and follow a systematic approach to make the complete process stress free.

If you’re redesigning your packaging – make sure it has an impact. Book a discovery call now.  

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