Real photos vs. stock photos: 6 reasons marketing agencies should work with professional photographers

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Picture this: You’ve reworked your client’s website. You’ve revived half-dead social media pages. You’ve compiled a mailing list, and you’re generating interest among their target audience. You’re ticking all the boxes:

  • Finding the target audience ✅
  • Building trust and awareness ✅
  • Presenting an authentic brand…

Only… the brand you are building isn’t authentic. The photos on the website are of strangers, the products unrelated to your client. Using stock photos might still look great, save you money and do the job – but they certainly don’t do justice.

That’s where professional photographers come in.

As the perfect aid for detailed, authentic branding, we work closely with marketing agencies to give the client what they deserve (and make the marketer’s job 10 times easier in the process).

Here are our reasons why marketing agencies should work with professional photographers instead of using stock photos.

Number 1: Authenticity

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no reason to build a brand based on a lie. Product images and captivating websites are an essential part of the customer journey, and creating false perceptions about product appearance can lead to issues. Instead, build your client’s product portfolio with accurate, professional imagery (that actually has their brand in the photo).

Habitat Homeware - Product Photography

Number 2: Originality

When partnering with professional photographers, you can rest assured that your photos won’t be used anywhere else. Don’t get caught grabbing a stock photo that every competitor has used, and save yourself the hassle of keeping up-to-date with stock photo licenses through a long-term partnership with professional photographers, like us

PhD Nutrition Product Photography

Number 3: Interactive brand building

Clients love to feel involved in their branding and marketing process. For a collaboration with high communication, get them busy with their own project: a photoshoot. They’ll get to see their vision come to life and feel satisfied that they’ve had a hand in the end result.

Nontoxicated - Drink Product Photography

Number 4: Statistics

The facts don’t lie. Businesses that have trialled stock and real photos have seen huge differences in resulting sales. One company that made the switch saw a $10,000 increase in their monthly revenue!

This comes as no surprise, given that 67% of online shoppers rate high-quality images as one of their biggest deciding factors in making a purchasing decision. Stock photos don’t always leave the best impression, especially ones that have been used hundreds or thousands of times.

Richard Clark Skincare - Product Photography

Number 5: Accurate messaging and storytelling

Whilst this is pretty similar to our ‘number 1’ point, we’d have to argue that it’s one of the most important reasons marketing agencies should partner with professional photographers.

Pictures can tell a thousand words, and you need your client’s story to be perfect. We all know the impact of emotional marketing, and seeing the same warm face of the CEO from the website, to the blog, to LinkedIn makes us feel like we’ve made a friend.

Invincible Women - Personal Branding Photography

Number 6: Refreshed, responsive branding

Professional photographers are highly creative and skilled in providing solutions to stale branding. With the help of your marketing expertise, partnered photographers can respond to your needs – saving time, reviving your brand, and producing the right message in the right manner.

Rocol Product Photography

How can we help?

Though stock photos do have their use for low budgets, marketing agencies must see the importance and impact of using real photos.

Here at Picture Perfect Photography, we offer white background e-commerce photoshoots, product lifestyle shots, and creative branding photography packages that add value to your agency services. Every client you work with can have relevant, high-quality, and authentic identities by the power of photos.

Download our lead magnet to discover more – “How to take creative product photos“.

How to take creative product photos

For commercial, product, and personal branding photography, and professional photographers you can rely on, enquire now.

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