Prop Ideas for Your Photoshoot

Props & planning take your photoshoot to the next level! They aid in telling a story to your customers and add another layer to a photoshoot. If you are planning a photoshoot for your brand or business take inspiration from theprop ideas below.

I know from my own experience that when you actually put intention behind a photoshoot, it’s very different than just having your non-photographer boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, cousin, grandpa take them. A professional photoshoot is one of those investments that will keep giving for years and years to come.

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Let’s talk about styling

I think the best combination when styling brand photos with props is to mix items you use in your everyday life and your business. Tell little stories about your business, your day and yourself that will connect with your ideal client.

When thinking about photoshoot props, start by thinking about what items you use daily are:


  • making tea
  • cuddling with your pet
  • doing your makeup
  • journalling


  • laptop
  • blue light blocking glasses
  • journals or planners
  • calendar
  • pens/pencils
  • stapler
  • iPad
  • camera


  • Photographically pretty food items (cupcakes, doughnuts, bright coloured fruits + veggies)
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers
  • Coffee mugs you love
  • Blank canvases or signs to be able to put writing over
  • Jewellery and other fun accessories
  • Balloons
  • Candles
  • Props that relate to the tone of your brand & audience
  • Fun props that help explain your product or are eye-catching

There are endless different props you can incorporate in your photoshoot, start by narrowing down the items you use every day, and the moreunique the better!

Gather photo inspiration

A lasting tip if you’re planning a photoshoot… Photos speak a thousand words so instead of explaining to your photographer what you want to achieve in your shoot, show them visual examples. I take all of my clients through a fun Pinterest project so we are both on the same page with the look we are going for. Even if your photographer doesn’t have you do this, take your own action to gather examples to show them.

To get some inspiration for your personal branding shoot, click to visit our Pinterest board here.

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