DSLR Photography: Go from auto to manual


Learn how to go from auto to manual with your DSLR camera – 3 Parts, 7 lessons of essential DSLR skills. Available anytime, anywhere.

Many DSLR camera owners use very little of the potential of their cameras. Moving from auto to manual can feel daunting, which is why this course is specially designed to help you take creative control of your DSLR photography and start taking the photos you want to take.

We begin with basic photography principles to give you the essential knowledge you need to get into more creative modes and start taking better photos.

What you’ll learn

  • How to choose the right camera, lens and equipment
  • Understand the essential DSLR camera settings & what they mean
  • How to adaptively use your manual DSLR camera settings
  • How to perfectly compose your images
  • How to professionally edit photos
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