Preparing for a figure competition: CEO Collette Evans’ workout, nutrition & supplement routine

There’s a reason we’re absolutely in love with fitness photography.

Picture Perfect Photography was founded by our owner & photographer Collette Evans, but she’s not only talented with a camera in her hand – she looks fantastic in front of one too.

Collette is dedicated to personal health and bodybuilding and is currently working towards bossing the stage, looking to compete in figure or bodybuilding at NPA in Penistone, Sheffield in September this year. We know she’ll do fantastic, and we couldn’t resist sharing her workout and supplement routine for all our fellow fitness fanatics out there.

Workout Routine

As a business owner, Collette has a busy schedule, running from one thing to another.

“If there’s a day where I know I’ll be sat around, then I always make sure to do fasted cardio to make up for it.” Collette said as she walked us through her routine. “On the off chance I work away from home, I’m just as conscious of what I’m doing. Just the other week I took a portable fridge with me to London so I could keep all my meals on track. Whilst I love having flexibility around my schedule, I’m always ready to adapt – but never compromise. The main thing is to be consistent and do your best every single day, even when sometimes you don’t feel like it”

Sounds, intense right? Take a look at Collette’s daily schedule, where even her day of rest includes getting out of the house and taking on the world.

Day Exercise Work/ Daily activity 
Mon 6.30am – 40 mins Fasted LISS Cardio on turbo trainer at home 7.30pm – Quads & Glutes Predominately in the office/studio 
Tue 6.30am – 40 mins Fasted LISS Cardio on turbo trainer at home   7.30pm – Push Day Predominately in the office/studio 
Wed 8pm – Sports Massage to help with recovery (Bi Weekly) or Swimming (10 lengths breast stroke + 30 lengths front crawl)  Predominately in the office/studio 
Thur 6.30am – 40 mins Fasted LISS Cardio  7.30pm – Glutes & Hamstrings Predominately in the office/studio 
Fri 7.30pm – Pull day & Steam room/ Sauna Predominately in the office/studio 
Sat 8m – 40 mins Fasted LISS Cardio on stairmaster & stepperHouse jobs, food shop etc, steady usually. Sometimes I throw in an extra swim in the afternoon. 
Sun Rest Day Don’t sit still so usually walk in park and house jobs etc 
Collette’s RecommendationsBike Phone Holder / Gel Bike Seat Cover / Saris Turbo Trainer / Fitbit Smartwatch / Speedo Goggles

Rest, Recovery & Sleep Schedule

Collette even pushes herself when it comes to sleep. She has an average of 5 hours and 45 minutes on cardio days, and 7 hours on the other nights. There’s no denying her commitment. Her exercise boosts her mood and energy, results in deeper sleep, allowing her to wake up and feel refreshed and ready for the day. “As I have a really busy and demanding regime, I recognise that recovery is important both mentally and physically. Improving my sleep, mindfulness and stretching are all things that I’m currently working on improving. I have started working with a physical therapist to help improve recovery and also optimise performance and the look of my muscle. The regular recovery process includes reducing my caffeine intake. Increasing sleep and reducing caffeine reduces the cortisol response in the body, meaning less stress and balanced hormones, and as a bonus improves the look of the aesthetics of the body composition.”

It’s recommended that adults get anywhere from 6-10 hours of sleep to remain healthy, and as long as Collette knows and trusts her body and mind – she can stay on top of the recommended guidelines. Or just take a nap at lunchtime.

Cardio days (Weekdays) 

Wake up – 5.15 am 
Bed – 11-11.30pm 

Non Cardio days  (Weekdays) 

Wake up 6.30 am 
Bed – 11-11.30 pm 


Try to catch up on rest… 

Wake up 7-7.30 am 
Bed – 11-midnight 

Guidance Tips

If your goal is to improve your fitness or to prepare your body for a competition – then know this: you don’t have to push yourself alone.

Collette actually works with 2 coaches daily, and frequently communicates with her coach to oversee her diet, recovery and check-ins then works with her PT 4-5 times or week for training. “Having a trainer with me every session ensures that I maximise my time spent in the gym, each session is around 1hr 20 mins, but we push me to the maximum during that time. I want to stand on stage and know I have given it my everything and be proud to stand there knowing it’s my best package” said Collette. Her routine has been created specifically to suit her body and fitness goals, and it’s important that you seek advice from experts too – especially in the case of taking supplements.

Supplement Intake & Nutrition

Collette loves to talk about the benefits of supplements in a healthy, balanced diet. She loves them so much that we recently did a supplement photoshoot of her top picks for our fitness product portfolio. 

PhD Nutrition Supplement Product Photography
Pre Cardio (30 min prior)BCAA  Gaspari Aminolast (20 cals) OR USN BCAA+ (30 cal)Omega 3 (Solgar) CLA (PHD Nutrition),  Lean Degree (PHD Nutrition), Black Coffee 
7am – Breakfast – Meal 1Multivitamin, Vitamin B, Glucosamine & Chondroitin & MSM,  Vit CVit D (Solgar), Digestive Enzyme (Solgar) 
10.30am – Meal 2 Calcium & Magnesium, Digestive Enzyme (Solgar) 
1.30pm – Lunch – Meal 3 Digestive Enzyme (Solgar), Omega 3 (Solgar) CLA (PHD Nutrition), Glucosamine & Chondroitin & MSM 
6pm – Pre Workout Meal  – Meal 4Digestive Enzyme (Solgar), CLA (PHD Nutrition) 
30 mins before training    15 Mins before training Lean Degree (PHD Nutrition)  Pre Workout (RedCon1 Total War or Amplified Nutrition All Black Everything
Intra WO BCAA Intra (PHD Nutrition) or BCAA (MyProtein)
8.30pm Post workout 1 Meal – Meal 5Chopped dates + Zinc, BCAA
9.30pm PWO 2 Digestive Enzyme (Solgar), Glucosamine & Chondroitin & MSM,  Vitamin C 
Before bed (if I have a meal, if not this gets put into last meal of the day) Digestive Enzyme (Solgar), Omega 3 (Solgar) 

Additional notes: 45 mins after each meal ¾ scoop PHD Nutrition EAA’s using a Smartshake Shaker

When it comes to nutrition, Collette oversees her own diet and often uses The Shredded Chef cookbook to spice up her meals. She uses MyFitnessPal to track her calories and macro’s to ensure she’s on track.

Collette’s Store Cupboard Essentials

Show off

The important part of any balanced routine is motivation and drive. We’re big promoters of showing off your hard work, and that’s why we wanted to showcase all that Collette goes through every single day. The work really does pay off:

If you’ve been looking for professional photographers for a fitness shoot, there’s no one more dedicated or more experienced than our CEO. She does really practice what she preaches.

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