Zed Bike Wheels - Product Photography

Zed Bike Wheels - Sports Product Photography

Project Detail

Zed Bike Wheels build the lightest wheels in the world. This impressive record deserved impressive product photography, setting Zed Bike Wheels as the number one bike wheel brand.

We created sleek and contemporary product images using dark blue and black backgrounds, helping showcase these world record wheels with an exciting and exclusive energy. The use of darker backgrounds enabled the product’s fine details to really stand out, reflecting beautifully with the studio’s professional lighting.

The story of this project

We photographed Zed Bike Wheels using absolutely no props. This enabled the product to really stand out and demonstrate its authority, helping strengthen that impressive message of being the lightest bike wheel in the world. It only makes sense to give this great product the full stage.

Zed Bike Wheels - Sports Product Photography

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