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Creating crisp white background photography

White Background E-Commerce Product Photography Paper Towel Dispenser

Project Detail

White background product photography is the bread and butter for most product-based companies when it comes to imagery. It can be used for almost anything you could ever want. Website listings, marketing, websites, social media, the list goes on and on. This however, means that any white background product photography needs to be absolutely perfect. There must be no imperfection in the image. The fact that there is no background forces the audience to focus on the product itself. Therefore, it cannot show any imperfections.

The story of this project

These images will most likely be widely seen by your target audience, due to the fact that they can be used almost anywhere within your business. If you place it as a website listing then it will be the last image of your product that the customer sees before they purchase.

Why white background photography is important for e-commerce success

White background photography is advantageous to have of your products because a lot of websites such as amazon have rules regarding what background you have on an image. Things such as: the background must be neutral, the background must not be too distracting etc etc.

Shooting for long term versatility

It’s always a good idea to have your products shot on a white background. Another thing would be to team your white background shots with something more creative later on. This way, you would have both: the neutral no-nonsense shots, and something more creative for the purposes of marketing and social media.

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