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We took some trips out of the studio recently to head on location and visit the premises of Trenchless Sales, who are a Barnsley-based supplier of machinery and other equipment of the trade to the utility industry, including drills, moules, pumps, and other heavy machinery.

ClientTrenches Sales
Shoot Length10 hours
Images Delivered477

They required some commercial and industrial photography and video content, to show their range of equipment in use, and some additional photography that, alongside being widely used across the company’s social media, website, and sales literature, would upgrade their previous imagery which had been captured on their staff’s smartphones, to a more professional collection of content assets. The requirement was that the new images and videos would reflect their business professionalism a bit stronger and support their sales enquiry processes.

The images would be a selection of many different types from the three sessions, and the video content was a montage of some of the shots, plus some product videos.

This was a diverse project, with plenty of different photography styles required to give the client everything they had asked for. The entire shoot was split over three photography sessions, and then a final shoot capturing video content. These sessions delivered a well-rounded catalogue of professional images to our client, which included some that had received creative retouch, some with white backgrounds, and some amazing hero product images in our studio.

Because the equipment the client supplies are such industrial products, we used a field within our studio premises in Barnsley to demonstrate their power and effectiveness for the job. These assets would provide customers with a training reference, to ensure they were using the equipment safely and correctly, but they would also provide prospects with a key indicator of what the products do.

Finally, we toured their HQ building to capture their team at work, as well as their storage and packing facilities, which could be used to highlight the size and professionalism of their operation.

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