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Whilst our name is strongly embedded in the health and fitness industry, we love to take on new clients in different industries to flex our creative muscles and capture different types of photography.

One recent client in an industry we don’t often work in was the student and rental accommodation provider, Fresh. We were enlisted by the brand to capture flattering imagery for their clients’ properties for listings on the  This is Fresh website, as well as other platforms, such as Zoopla. So, we jumped in the car and we traveled to Manchester and to two separate locations in Sheffield to capture images of these rental properties.

ClientThis is Fresh
Shoot Length20 hours
Images Delivered216

This job threw up some big challenges, but they were overcome by our professional photography team. We encountered were that some of the properties were quite sparsely decorated, so we took along plenty of soft furnishings to give each of them a nice, homely feel. Added to this, some of the properties were without power, which meant we enlisted the help of our trusty flash gun to ensure each of the rooms we shot were well illuminated. As some of the properties had not had the benefit of a good clean for a while, we were very careful with our angles, and there was some post-shoot editing required to clear up any spillage patches on carpets and kitchen units.

There were additional challenges in the form of external photography, as the weather and occasional building work meant that we couldn’t capture quite as much as we would have liked, but we did the very best with what we had available.

It wasn’t all challenges, though. Our client was really helpful with the process and was more than willing to help with getting everything prepared for each shoot. To maximise on the time restraints, we shot with the help of an assistant to speed up the process, by moving equipment and dressing the rooms as our photographer prepared the camera and lighting equipment.

Sheffield Interior Photography

Manchester Interior Photography

Many of the shots were captured with the use of a tripod, which meant we could utilise long shutter speeds and still get a nice, crisp image. The light guns are portable pieces of equipment, which meant we could travel relatively lightly, and we shot directly onto Capture One on a laptop , which meant we could keep track of all the required image types easily, edit and colour correct them as we went, and also ensure that the files were appropriately named by the apartment number and location for use by our client, which was a vital requirement.

To Summarise

Overall, this was an interesting photography job that threw up several challenges that we were able to overcome, which meant that we were able to deliver a high-quality product to our client, as usual.

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