Outdoor clothing & product photography

Capturing lifestyle fashion & product photos in the great outdoors
The Great Outdoors Clothing Photography

Project Detail

This project was all about the great outdoors, showing clothing, various products and vehicles in an autumnal lifestyle setting. We created a sense of adventure by exploring the beautiful outdoor areas surrounding our Yorkshire photography studio. This made for a really nice combination of natural and rustic themes to the images.

PortfolioClothing & Product Photography
ModelsJulie Lowery & Leon Richardson

The story of this project

When it comes to product photography, it’s great to show the product in a real lifestyle setting. This creates a sense of excitement and also helps the end customer imaging themselves using the product. This excitement is especially important when the products are outdoor focused, such as the outdoor clothing, camping products and Range Rover vehicle used in this shoot, since we associate the outdoors with adventure.

Positive symbolism

Symbolism is key for creating an engaging photo. We incorporated positive body language and facial expressions, as well as warm tones from the sunset’s natural light to symbolise positive feelings. This is a great way to create positive associations with a brand through your product photos.

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