Surgical Innovations

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There has been lots of photography done for our client Surgical Innovations over the space of 5 different shoots in different locations across Yorkshire, including product photography, headshots, and manufacturing processes.

ClientSurgical Innovations
Shoot LengthDelivered over 4 shoots

Based out of Leeds, Surgical Innovations specialise in the design, development and manufacture of creative instruments to minimise invasive surgery, and we were invited to Weetwood Hall in Leeds to capture a series of headshots for their board of directors, and then to their headquarters to capture headshots of their sales team, to give all of their professional images a great consistency.  

Whilst we were at the Surgical Innovations headquarters, we were also invited to capture some of their amazing products in the manufacturing phase.  

Finally, we also took delivery of many of the company’s products and proceeded to shoot them all in our Yorkshire studio, with a mix of white and colourful backgrounds. All in all, 5 shoots for a great and trusting client that we have worked with previously.  

Because we have a great existing working relationship with this client, the strategy session was easy and they placed a great deal of trust in us and what we do. It was a simple plan of ensuring the right people were in the right places at the right times, which ran like clockwork. 

As the headshots were taken in different locations across different shoots, great care was taken to create consistent images that would feel as if they were shot at the same time. This included replicating the lighting set-up across all shoots, and framing each person in the same way, so that the images would remain a professional reflection of this illustrious and innovative company.  

Highlighting our versatility and adaptability in capturing professional photography, both in the studio and across several locations, the work we did for Surgical Innovations was a pleasure to undertake, and the photography we captured will now be used for a variety of things, including on the website, in ads and marketing campaigns, and as well as on LinkedIn.

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