Super Botanic - Commercial Product Photography

Super Botanic - Commercial Product Photography

Project Detail

We shot commercial product photography for the natrual supplement brand, Super Botanic. The breif was to create lifestyle photos for their product. Our Premium Photographer, Collette is a natural athlete and is a paid influenecr for Super Botanics. She creates social content and product reviews to help build their brand profile.


Working with Super Botanic we created mood boards with the brand to ensure we were matching their brand ethos and vision, as well as to show our creative ideas for the campaign. The photos that were captured at the shoot have been used for their website, their social media and for marketing collateral at event and fitness expos. 


Client:Super Botanic
Industry:Health and Wellbeing
Brief:Commercial Product Photography, Lifestyle Photos, E-Commerce Photography
Shoot Length:3 Hours

We organised the locations of the shoot. We decided on a kitchen, a gym, a bedroom to really enhance that “real-world” feeling for the lifestyle photography and our studio for the e-commerce product shots. In the studio, we captured the products on simple backgrounds and did background removal in post porduction for their e-commerce website.

For the lifestyle product photos, we shot in a dark gym to really make the product pop against the background, and so it can relate to the clients’ brand and used model hands for the close ups. From this shoot, we wanted to achieve both product and lifestyle shots for Super Botanics which is why we decided to shoot both at a kitchen, gym and the studio. Shooting at the gym and in the kitchen and bedroom meant we kept our equipment to a minimum using just flash guns to light the scene.

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