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ClientStrength Positive
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Picture Perfect Photography’s Membership Plans are an ideal service for brands and individuals who understand the importance of a social media presence that has plenty of fresh, relevant content. Josh McDool is one of those individuals, and he operates one of those brands.  

Strength Positive is private gym in Rotherham, where Josh and his team will manage group sessions in their popular Physique Camp training experience, as well as offering 1 to 1 PT sessions to dedicated individuals with all manner of training and health objectives. They have developed a phenomenal reputation for providing effective results for their clients.  

 Josh works with our Brand Manager Jen to help him create and implement social media strategies that align with his business goals, so she will work with both Josh and our head photographer Collette to set out the requirements. Once they are set, Collette will do what she does best, capturing her subject in the best possible light.  

The Shoot

We grabbed all of the content across multiple fitness, body transofrmation and lifestyle photography shooting sessions, across several locations including our studio, Josh’s home, his gym, and in the city centre of Sheffield. Using multiple locations really helps Collette to grab a great mix of content and photography styles that can deliver a good variety of messages.  

For example, shooting Josh in the studio helped us to capture photography with negative space so that Josh can create marketing materials, capturing him at home lets us demonstrate his personality, and then in his gym we were able to really highlight the quality of his facility.  

With him being so local to our South Yorkshire photography studio, it does help that we can all head to locations like Sheffield City Centre to capture fresh content and offer variety to his social output. 

The photos we captured regularly through our Membership Plan photo shoots for Josh, his clients, and Strength Positive will be used to help showcase their friendly culture, expertise & services. The personal shots of Josh are to help to grow his own personal brand, and will be used to keep his social content levels high, particularly when people approach him for PT assistance.  

To Summarise

It is a real pleasure, and very easy to work with Membership clients like Josh, as he’s a fellow digitally-savvy fitness enthusiast, who truly understands the importance of capturing regular content to ensure a fresh and fast-paced social profile.  

The benefit for Josh of working with Picture Perfect Photography is that with Collette and Jen both preparing for competition in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting respectively in 2023, we have great credentials to offer input when it comes to social media strategy and content planning in the fitness industry. 

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