Steven Hall Fitness Photography

Creating professional fitness photography on location at Steven’s fitness studio.

Project Detail

Fitness photos are used for a variety of purposes. For commercial use from fitness brands, for confidence, for transformation results. For this 2 hour fitness shoot, we really utilised the time to get some great shots in Steven’s studio space. The aim of this shoot was to get a variety of content that could be used on a variety of platforms to showcase Steven’s fitness expertise, and gym facilities. This was shot towards the end of 2021’s national lockdown.

Shoot length2 hour

The story of this project

For this shoot we travelled to Steven Hall’s own fitness studio. This space allowed us to play around with different equipment, stances and backgrounds. It was important for our images to include the company’s logo and a golden glow lighting for personal branding purposes and so we ensured this was considered in all shots.


We incorporated outfit changes into the shoot, and brought in two of Steven’s fitness client to boost the message of personal training to his audience.


Fitness props were used throughout the shoot to create a sense of action and motion, this really helps fitness photos drive inspiration and motivation.

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