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ClientRichard Cooke
Shoot Length2 Hours
Images Delivered107

Whilst we are often armed with brand guidelines, shot requirements, and a pre-existing idea of what a brand looks like, we also work with new business start-ups that present an opportunity to bring our creative ideas to the table.

One such client recently was Richard Cooke, the founder of mind, body and spirit specialists Anma. Richard came to us looking for some photographs to help him to promote himself and his brand across the website, social media platforms, and the company leaflets. He brought a model along to shoot for the demo, to be able to show some of the techniques that Anma utilises with their clients’ bodies.

Because we weren’t totally sure of the branding for Anma ahead of time, we made the decision to keep with warm and inviting, neutral colour schemes that could work with a series of brand colours, futureproofing Richard’s visual content. We went with blacks, whites, greys and cream for the main theme, with extra natural greens and oranges in the headshots.

As we strive to provide great value for money for our photography clients, we created a shot list ahead of the shoot, which meant that we could focus on capturing the photography that Richard had booked us for.

On the treatment bench we captured some of his treatments, including Cranial ASIS Shoulder girdle, Muscle testing, biter lateral leg/arm tests, and Sacrum energy giving. We then placed Richard on a bed with some props that could bring his professionalism and personality, including a consultation form, laptop, books, plants and crystals.

We also captured headshots and footage of his hands, which are some of his most powerful tools of his trade, and then finished up with some shots of him with personal development books.

To ensure he didn’t clash with the lighting and backdrops, Richard wore blacks, greys and blues to stay in keeping with the neutral themes.

To Summarise

We love to work with new business start-ups, helping them to shape their brands using professional photography here in our South Yorkshire studio. It was a fantastic experience, Richard is an amazing client, and we wish him all the very best of luck with his new business!

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