Richard Clarke Cosmetics - Product Photography

Richard Clark Skincare - Product Photography

Project Detail

This skincare photography project was all about helping the product visually communicate with consumers. We helped Richard Clarke Cosmetics achieve this by planning props that associate with the ingredients present in each product.


For example, we incorporated oranges in the Vitamin C Serum, since this fruit is notorious for its richness in vitamin C. This, along with the other product images involve pops of colour, both bright and muted tones to create a sense of excitement and refinement around the products.


This creative planning helps to strengthen the brand’s impact and trust amongst consumers.

ClientRichard Clarke Cosmetics

The story of this project

We were excited to capture this beautiful new range of skincare products by Richard Clarke Cosmetics. The brand centres around organic and natural ingredients, this brand message was highlighted in the photos using organic fruits and tree bark props. We also shot a selection of the photos on a green background, since this colour is heavily associated with nature.


We also shot a series of white background images for Richard Clark Cosmetics’ e-commerce store. These photos are intended to show the product in a clean and crisp settings, helping for an easy and simple online shopping experience.

Richard Clark Skincare - Product Photography

Creating impressions

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