Reebok Trainers - Sports & Fitness Product Photography

Reebok Trainers - Sports Product Photography

Project Detail

Sports and fitness has always been an interest of Collette’s, our professional photographer, and so it seemed clear to start photographing sports, fitness products to add to her portfolio. On one golden Friday afternoon, when the sun was setting through our photography studio’s first floor window… and the team saw an opportunity to capture these trainers in the natural light. 


Rolls of paper were used to block colour into the image, and also to prop up the shoes and get an action shot angle. Other fitness themed props such as headphones and water bottles were incorporated to build a bigger picture and add context to the trainers. 


We can see these images being used in a fitness campaign on a full-page magazine for impact.



Shoot length1 hour
Reebok Trainers - Sports Product Photography

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