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We love it when a first-time client is so impressed by our work that they immediately go on to book further shooting time! This is exactly what happened with popular supplements specialists, Protein Rebel.

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Protein Rebel are a natural sports nutrition brand that focuses on easy-to-digest products for endurance athletes. They believe in using natural, calming ingredients, and have won multiple awards since 2020 for their vegan and cricket-based protein powders.  

The first shoot we planned with them was a test event, using our Introductory Offer, but they were so blown away by the results that they went on to purchase additional time to capture more images. 

In total, these shoots took around 2 hours to complete, using a variety of props to match the client’s colour schemes. We also used the products in situations where Tim from the brand would expect to see his products used.  

A core factor to the Protein Rebel’s message comes from their natural ingredients, so it was very important to help them emphasise the key elements by photographing the raw ingredients. It worked really well, and the images are used on the company website product pages.  

A Little Extra..

As extra value for the client, we created some great images with negative space, so that they can be overlaid with text content for use in promotional marketing materials, and other similar applications.  

Our story with Protein Rebel highlights our professional dedication to completing work for our clients to the highest possible level, listening to their needs so that we can capture exactly what they need and more, first time.

Working with health and fitness brands excites us greatly here at Picture Perfect Photography – it’s our passion, with our credentials sitting in the fact that our principal photographer Collette is a title winning bodybuilder, and Brand Manager Jen an avid powerlifter and model.

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