Professional Corporate Headshots – Jon Covey

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Professional Corporate Headshots - Jon Covey

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A professional corporate headshot is something that is almost expected in today’s digital world. A professional LinkedIn photo is now a must, but what about your general personal branding? I joke to my clients that I am in fact incapable of taking just a ‘headshot’ of them. This is because I feel almost compelled to give my clients more, to tell the story of their personality and personal brand. Each business and sector comes with its own individual  needs when it comes to getting the best corporate headshots.

ClientJon Covey
SkillsBusiness Coaching, Sales Training & Mentoring
Professional Corporate Headshots - Jon Covey
Professional Corporate Headshots - Jon Covey
Professional Corporate Headshots - Jon Covey

The story of this project

During my personal branding photoshoot with business coach, Jon Covey we executed a well thought out plan. A little like with copywriting or any job for a client, photography doesn’t just happen, its well planned and thought out. I usually start out by asking my client who they are trying to Appeal to, who their audience is. From there I can set a tone for the photos. Jon has a great personality but also has great knowledge within his field, we needed to get the balance between fun and also serious.


Tone is set by a mixture of elements of colours, backgrounds, clothing and body positions/language. I think the underpinning element to all professional corporate headshots is that the photos need to tell the story of both their brand and the person, they also need to be portrayed as trustworthy.


During Jon’s half day corporate branding photoshoot, I ensured that we captured lots of variety on different backgrounds and also used contrasting lighting set ups, almost to give the feel of separate photoshoots.


This means that he now has lots of visual content to use in a variety of marketing materials without being too repetitive for the viewer.

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