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We were delighted to be heading to the west coast and the Winter Gardens of Blackpool recently, to join Power Plate UK as they attended the annual PROS (Practical Presentation of Science) fitness conference. Power Plate were official partners of the conference, so it was vitally important that they captured some amazing professional visual content to share on their social media channels, and they called upon the true professionals here at Picture Perfect Photography to help them do it.

ClientPower Plate UK
Shoot Length5 hours
Images Delivered257
Videos Delivered3 Reels

Power Plate is an advanced technology product that sends tiny micro-vibrations through the body of the user to activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist with muscle recovery. The brand’s products are used by some heavyweight names, including Serena Williams, so it was essential that we captured the brand in the best possible way, offering some great content.  

We spent over 5 hours around their stand, capturing shots of people visiting and chatting with the Power Plate team about the products. Of course, we also captured some great pictures and videos of visitors getting super hands-on with the products, and receiving massages with the Power Plate equipment. Finally, as a partnered brand to the conference, they also hosted three workshops, so we captured attendees as they learned.

The big challenge for us at the event came from the changeable lighting. The stand was next to a window, which meant that throughout the day the light direction moved. Added to that we had to avoid lens flare from shooting across the stand with the window behind it, which itself caused some challenges, but ever the professionals, we worked around it and provided some top-quality content.

As the event was a key date in the Power Plate calendar, it was important to them that they received the content we captured in a superfast time, so that they could share it in a timely manner when it was fresh in the attendees’ minds. Did we deliver? Of course we did! We delivered several photos and video reels, capturing a wide range of different activities and demographics to our client within 48 hours of the event.

To Summarise

Overall, this was a great job to work on, meeting lots of like-minded people and brands, and working with a product at the top of the fitness game.  

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