PhD Nutrition - Sports Product Photography

PhD Nutrition Supplement Product Photography

Project Detail

Product photos can be used for different marketing purposes. But to stand out in a busy, online world, the images must be striking and portray a message across to the audience instantly. The aim of this shoot was to show these supplement products off in a powerful way. We think we achieved this through the photography angle, and the characterful background colours.

Shoot length1 hour

The story of this project

The idea for this shoot arose when our fitness-enthusiast photographer, Collette Evans, thought that she would photograph her supplements just for fun!


The products were brought into our photography studio and shot on different coloured backgrounds. The images were then sent off to our retoucher who tidied up the lines of the bags and added colourful shadows to build interest.


Bringing the supplements out of the bottle and putting them next to the bottle makes the image quite playful and allows the audience to understand what’s inside, perfect for any marketing collateral.


We love the end result of these images. Clean. Fun. And bright!

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