Packshot Photography – Allsports Nutrition

Allsports Nutrition Packshot Product Photography

Project Detail

Doncaster based nutrition brand, Allsports Nutrition employed us for some packshot photography for use on their e-commerce shop on their website.


The packets and packaging we photographed on a white background and lit from each side and above to create a clean looking product photo.


Within the product ranges there were some reflective foil packaging, which can be more challenging to photograph, but easy to combat with reflectors, filling the dark patches that may show without.

ClientAllsports Nutrition

The story of this project

As professional product photographers, we know that even if we photograph packaging and products on a white backdrop, it still retains some colour or texture to some degree.


So, this is why in post production, the backgrounds are removed to give a polished look.  By removing the background, it also enables our clients to use the images with more versatility in artwork and for promotional purposes.

Allsports Nutrition Packshot Product Photography

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