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Capturing adventure and excitement with dramatic outdoor photography
Zania Clothing - Fitness Product Photography

Project Detail

Our action-packed outdoor fitness photoshoot for women’s mountain bike clothing company, Zania MTB Clothing took place on the edge of the peak district, near Sheffield. The outdoor setting for the brand’s outdoor fitness picture was chosen to inspire potential customers and create relatable content, to help sell the products.

ClientZania Clothing

The story of this project

Zania’s target market is women in their 30-50’s and so we chose appropriate real-life models to reflect this, making the scenarios true to life to that of the people that the brand is looking to reach. Before the photo shoot, we created a themed mood board for outdoor fitness photoshoot ideas, which was shared with the client and influenced the location, photo angles, and overall look of the final images.


We used off-camera flash lighting to create a dramatic and moody effect, making the product the hero in the photo, this also highlighted the products brightly coloured jerseys, which is a key selling point for this brand.

Post production

On the day the weather was rainy and so it was important that any rain spots on the clothing were retouched. This ensured that the jerseys were the main focal point of the image. Our creative retoucher then further added to the image tones with colour grading, added in some more interesting background and additional elements such as rocks, dirt, and moss to develop an already impressive product image with that commercial edge.

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