Dye For - Lifestyle Product Photography and Fashion Shoot

On Location Fashion Product Photography

Project Detail

Our client at DyeFor required a variety of exciting, on-location product & fashion orientated product photos. We shot these at a large house in Lincolnshire, which was perfect for capturing a good variety of product and fashion photos. The shoot was predominantly for their Instagram & social media. We created vibrant and aspirational photos that allow the audience to relate to the fashion and products, we followed a consistent tone within the varied photos to help DyeFor strengthen their brand image on social media.

Specialism Custom phone cases & fashion
BriefCreating on-location product and fashion photos for instagram and social media

The story of this project

Lifestyle product photography is one of the most effective ways to encourage sales by showing the product in use. We utilised living room spaces for creative shots, capturing household items and accessories in a true to life style.

We creatively shot from different angles of the same room, providing a huge variety of visuals in the final images, which is always handy for having frequent social media content!

Variety is key

The great thing about being on location in a big property for fashion & product photography is the variety of space available. We used several different bedrooms and bathrooms around the house to give the product and social media photos a good level of variety while showcasing all of the different types of personalised pyjamas DyeFor has to offer.

On Location Fashion Product Photography

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