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Off Season Fitness Photography Rob Bowman

Project Detail

‘The Barnsley Pitbull’ Rob Bowman Taylor asked us to do some off-season fitness photography for him at his gym, The Muscle Unit. Rob likes to document his workouts on the journey to being competition ready, and shares content surrounding this. We made sure to arrive early so we had plenty of time to set up our lighting. Usually for fitness shoots, we use flashguns rather than studio lighting as it tends to give off a harsher light that exceptionally compliments the physiques of the subject.

ClientRob Taylor IFBB Pro
SkillsFitness training

It's leg day

The main focus of this particular workout was the legs, which created a satisfying impression of consistency throughout. Despite this, there were multiple machines used, so we had plenty of different shots and angles available to us. To complement these photos, we also took some video for Rob and created a showreel for him. This was to be used for his own social media content.

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