NRC - Industrial photography

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ClientTrenches Sales
Shoot Length10 hours
Images Delivered477

As they had professional photography services around, the team were also keen to grab some great headshots of the staff in a working environment, and even some images that showcased the scale of the company’s fleet of trucks. On this day, we also had the team at professional videography providers VisualisedIt along with us to capture some moving images at the same time.

With the number of different types of image that NRC needed, as well as the different moving parts in terms of people, we faced some challenges in getting everybody coordinated and to each location in a timely fashion.

Thankfully, the team at VisualisedIt brought along a creative director who organised the shot list and ensured we had everything they needed before moving along to the next location. With a job that had so many people involved, effective planning is absolutely vital, so we were grateful to have the extra support in that regard.

The team at NRC were delightful and consummate professionals, ensuring they cooperated to make everybody’s jobs easier, and were well-prepared with the correct kit and signage that reflected their new branding.

As it was predominantly outdoors, we used a lot of natural lighting to our advantage, but once indoors our professional photography lighting was called into action, and two lenses were used across the job: a 24mm – 105mm lens for close-to-mid-range shots, and then 16mm-40mm for the wider angled shots, which helped to give a sense of scale, particularly when shooting the fleet of vehicles.

Whilst it might not have been the glamour of a studio shoot, it was an enjoyable experience for Collette and the team, who captured everything required by our client.

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