Nick Platt - Personal Trainer Photography

Creating dark and moody fitness photos to show hard work and personal training

Nick Platt Personal trainer Photography

Project Detail

Nick came to us for a series of impressive fitness photos that show his professional dedication to fitness and personal training. As fitness photographers, we are used to directing a variety of fitness poses and styles. For this shoot, we created a dark and moody tone using specialist lighting. This really helped create a powerful impression of Nick’s abilities, using powerful visuals to match his expertise.

ClientNick Platt
SkillsPersonal Training
Nick Platt Personal trainer Photography

The story of this project

As a trainer with over 24 years of personal training experience, we wanted to express Nick’s impressive training abilities with truly impressive imagery. We incorporated a variety of what we call power poses to portray confidence and trust, as even for the most experienced personal trainers, it’s important to connect with potential clients using up-to-date fitness images online.

Fitness photos that mean business

As a personal trainer, it’s crucial to showcase determination. For clients seeking online personal trainers, they are seeking that extra bit of motivational support, so show them you can confidently offer that support. This is where strong personal training photos come in

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