Product Photography - Morris Living

Morris Living Chairs - Product Photography

Project Detail

White background furniture photos for Morris Living. White background images are the bread and butter of e-commerce photography. Whilst simple, the importance of e-commerce photos is not to be underestimated. As consumers, it’s true that our attention is caught by creative marketing images, but, we also pay close attention to the more simplistic e-commerce product photos. E-commerce product photos are what we rely on to explore a product online before we buy it, so it’s vital to create impressive detail and quality.

ClientMorris Living

The story of this project


Morris Living specialise in motion and mobility furniture. This meant that not only should the product photos show furniture details, materials and textures, they should show motion functionality. We therefore created a variety of shots that would allow the customer to get to know the product on all levels.

Morris Living Chairs - Product Photography

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