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Shoot Length2 hours
Images Delivered112

We left the Picture Perfect Photography studio recently to make the trip to Derby, where we descended upon the official offices of leading fragrance and flavour designers, Mane.

The global company had just completed some amazing renovations of their offices and laboratory facilities and invited us along to complete some PR photographs of the company directors, and their staff members in front of their new building. Each staff member was presented with a commemorative book to celebrate a company anniversary, so we were tasked with capturing this, as well as amazing photographs of the building itself to showcase the facility.

These photos would be used by the company in their press release material, as well as within official company communications, which meant that our images were potentially shared amongst this leading fragrance manufacturer’s global offices.

The whole shoot took around 2 hours to complete, and as it was a live event with other things happening at the same time as we fulfilled our photography, there were some challenges to overcome.

We’re an adaptable photography company, and we take all of our challenges head-on, so Collette seamlessly switched between different cameras and locations to ensure she captured everything that was required in the allotted time.

Mane is a new client to Picture Perfect Photography, so we were sure to communicate at length with their people before the shoot, as well as on the day of the shoot itself. Communication with clients is hugely important to a professional photographer.

To Summarise

We captured some images in an outdoor setting, and thankfully the weather was very kind to us on the day. We were working with large groups of people, so it was important to ensure each of the subjects were captured in their best light, and there were also logistical tasks to work with, such as ensuring there were no vehicles in the shoot and that company branding featured in each shot where possible.  

We provided plenty of alternative options to our client, with group photos taken in landscape and portrait, and we are delighted to have worked with such an illustrious brand. 

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