Liz Poxton - Fitness Shoot Photography

Picture of Liz Poxton posing at Fitness Shoot.
Liz Poxton - Fitness Shoot

Project Detail

Liz is a personal trainer with her own business LP Body Goals. Liz booked a fitness shoot with us to not only promote her personal training business on social media but also have a fitness shoot to feel good about her own body too.


This photoshoot for Liz took place at our studio. We utlised different backgrounds and props that complimented Liz’s buisness and used our beautiful natural outdoors locations at the studio too. Liz was really nervous before the shoot but Collette put her at ease, advising beforehand and throughout the shoot which made her feel more relaxed and confident as they shoot went on and she encouraged her to bring more inner sass to her shoot. 



Client:Liz Poxton: LP Body Goals
Brief:Personal Branding, Fitness Photography
Shoot Length:2 hour shoot
Total Images:148

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