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Our lead photographer, Collette was out and about at various gyms recently, both behind and in front of the camera for some work we did with professional lifting equipment supplier, Limitless Pump.

Founded by fitness enthusiast Brayan Lliguin, Limitless Pump are a specialist supplier of lifting essentials, such as wrist wraps, knee sleeves, cable cuffs, and lifting straps. It was up to us to show them in a series of locations, with both male and female models, including our very own World Title bodybuilding champ, Collette Evans.

ClientLimitless Pump
Shoot Length3 hours
Images Delivered200

The brief was to capture plenty of product photography that showed the products in use, which is important when making a connection with an audience, who might need to see the products in use to be able to imagine themselves in the same process.

We combined flash lighting with natural light, to cast great shadows and facilitate some amazing shots.

These images would go on to become the brand’s website’s e-commerce images, so it was important to get everything just right. We headed to a variety of gyms, including some of our favourite locations for work and fitness, such as Muscle Fusion in Sheffield, Ultra Flex in Rotherham, and Graft Haus in Leeds.

They weren’t just for the website, however, so we were sure to capture plenty of variety of each of the Limitless Pump products for their socials, to give them a steady stream of variety to lean on whenever required. Collette captured plenty of UGC to help drive brand recognition for Limitless Pump across their social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. Go and give them a follow, and show your support for an amazing fitness brand.

Picture Perfect Photography is a Yorkshire-based photography studio, headed up by the holder of multiple women’s bodybuilding titles, Collette Evans. We have carved out a solid niche in capturing people and products of the fitness industry in the best possible way for many purposes. Get in touch if you’re a fitness professional or brand owner who is looking for professional photography.

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