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We recently did some more work for our clients Knack Snacks, which are a range of crunchy, chocolate protein snacks. They are a healthy, protein-packed alternative to Maltesers that are taking the health and fitness world by storm. We’re delighted to have them on board as a regular client of ours.

ClientKnack Snacks
Shoot Lengthmultiple shoots
Images Delivered183
Videos Delivered4 GIFS

We work them on a monthly basis, capturing fresh content for use on their Instagram platform, as well as within their promotional emails and regular newsletters. Each shoot incorporates their brand colours, and we work to a strategy of setting monthly themes for the product photography, so that we can ensure a consistent yet varied bank of images for our client.

But it isn’t only product photography we provide them with, we also bring in videos and GIFs so that they have a great variety of usable, bright and eye-catching promotional content that engages their growing audience.

Because the range of Knack Snacks currently has a lean 3 flavours, we use all our creativity to bring the products to life in new and exciting ways. One of our favourite things about working with Knack Snacks is that they trust us enough to let us loose with our imagination. There’s no such thing as too creative or wild, which is great as the brand is so fun and lively and we do our best to represent this in the images we capture.

Knack Snacks GIF

To Summarise

But it doesn’t come without its challenges; diversity of image and backdrop are one thing, but switching out too many times can really eat into the shoot time, which is where our dedication to getting creative comes in. The packets of snacks are also small, so to ensure we deliver a solid visual that ensures they don’t look too small, we use props that are relative to the scale, so that our client’s audience know they’re receiving great value for their money.

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