KB Pro - Beauty Product Shoot

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ClientKB Pro
Shoot Length2 hours
Images Delivered21

Health, fitness and beauty product photography shoots are something a speciality for us here at Picture Perfect Photography, having worked with countless amazing and notable brands over the years.

We had the privilege of welcoming The Nouveu Group which is part of HD Brows and their brand KB Pro to the studio, as we were booked to capture some product photography with their range of Glider Cartridges for eyebrow micro blading.

KB Pro offered a variety of award winning micro-blading and permanent makeup needles that are used by professional technicians, as well as offering professional permanent makeup training to their clients.

The objective was to capture photos of the products, predominantly on a white background, using techniques that would use the shadows to show the ultra-fine needles of the glider cartridges. Some of the items were smaller and more delicate that others, so the challenge was set to ensure all of the details could be seen.

Our principal photographer Collette took on the challenge, capturing plenty of product photographs across a 4-hour shoot. Using a specialist super macro lens to really get into the items and highlight the intricate detail of each piece, Collette shot each of the products up close and personal.

To Summarise

Because they are so delicate and small, the biggest challenge laid in getting the needles in the right focus to highlight the patterns of each model, especially as we didn’t have the microblading machine on site to attach cartridges to, which would assist with the photo shoot. This meant that some improvisation with strong tape was needed, to ensure the needles protruded just the right amount and help us to capture the images to our own very high standards.

We managed it, of course, and now the images are being used across our client’s socials and website product range.

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