Julia, B Strong - Gym Shoot Personal Trainer

Project Detail

Professional PT and owner of B Strong gym, Julia Cammoile, is a great client of us here at Picture Perfect Photography, and she recently enlisted our team to grab some fantastic pictures of her and some of her with a client, both in her gym setting and in our professional Yorkshire photography studio.

Client:Julia/ B Strong Gym Rotherham
Brief:Personal Trainer and Studio Fitness Photoshoot
Shoot Length:2 x 2 hour shoots
Total Images:202

These images were taken across three shoots that Julia will use to promote her gym and coaching services, as well as provide her with some spectacular visuals to help her with her personal brand and social media presence.

The B Strong brand colours incorporate plenty of pinks and purples, so these were the tones we brought into the shoot, utilising coloured backdrops to ensure everything was fully on-brand. In the studio, we used minimal props; the plain box against the pink backdrop ensured that the audience’s eyes were immediately drawn to Julia and her amazing physique, and the weights to create a visual connection between Julia and bodybuilding.

In the gym setting, we kept that pink and purple theme running by incorporating coloured lighting, which cast amazing shadows in Julia’s natural habitat. 

Julia is a figure PCA (Physical Culture Association) competitor, and therefore she has impressive muscle tone. What this means is that we need to use harder lighting that would put a much stronger definition into the shadows that her muscles cast, which in turn showcases her incredible physique.

As a regular client, friend of our brand, and an experienced bodybuilding competitor, Julia knows exactly what’s needed to get the most out of a photography shoot and has a ready-made arsneal of poses that she can bring to the session, which means that she gets maximum value out of the time she invests in with Picture Perfect Photography.

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