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We travelled the short distance from our photography studio to the House of Gain gym in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, to meet with and capture popular Personal Trainer Jimmy Ray as well as transformation shots of his amazing client, Janine.
ClientJimmy Ray PT
LocationHouse of Gain - Barnsley
Shoot Length2 hours
Images delivered129

Whilst we’ve worked with Jimmy before, during a shoot for Sheffield’s Chris Mason Performance, this was our first time working with him as a professional PT, and it was great to meet his client at the same time.  

Ever the professional, Jimmy was a wonderful client, bringing along different outfits and ideas to make our job as easy as possible. We chatted with him beforehand, to discuss any ideas for the photos we would capture, but given our experience within health and fitness photography, he trusted us to put 100% into providing excellent shots of him and his client.  

The whole shoot was very relaxed, and was spread over around 2.5 hours, where the first half was Jimmy in a variety of lifestyle shots for use on his marketing materials and social media platforms, to promote his Online Coaching business. There were lots of smiling shots, as well as relaxed shots of him sitting on benches, and we worked with the lighting to ensure it was fully on-brand for Jimmy and his business.  

In the second half of the shoot, we worked with Janine, and it was phenomenal to see her confidence grow throughout the experience. She had lost a lot of weight during her time with Jimmy, and he wanted to reward her with professional transformation shots to show how far she had come.  

As a female photographer with bodybuilding expertise, our principal photographer Collette immediately put Janine at ease, and she eventually gained the confidence to pose in a vest and shorts to highlight the huge transformation that had come from her fantastic effort. She looked absolutely amazing, and she should be very proud of herself for the work she has put in.   

Transformation photography is a great motivator for people who have gone on a physical improvement journey, to not just illustrate how far they have come, but also to motivate them to maintain and push further than maybe they thought was possible.  

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